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Able to move or be moved freely or easily,
  1. Able to move or be moved freely or easily
    • - he has a major weight problem and is not very mobile
    • - highly mobile international capital
  2. (of the face or its features) Indicating feelings with fluid and expressive movements
    • - her mobile features working overtime to register shock and disapproval
  3. (of a store, library, or other service) Accommodated in a vehicle so as to travel around and serve various places

  4. (of a military or police unit) Equipped and prepared to move quickly to any place it is needed
    • - mobile army combat units
  5. Able or willing to move easily or freely between occupations, places of residence, or social classes
    • - an increasingly mobile and polarized society
  1. A decorative structure that is suspended so as to turn freely in the air

  1. a river in southwestern Alabama; flows into Mobile Bay
  2. migratory; "a restless mobile society"; "the nomadic habits of the Bedouins"; "believed the profession of a peregrine typist would have a happy future"; "wandering tribes"
  3. moving or capable of moving readily (especially from place to place); "a mobile missile system"; "the tongue is...the most mobile articulator"
  4. having transportation available
  5. sculpture suspended in midair whose delicately balanced parts can be set in motion by air currents
  6. capable of changing quickly from one state or condition to another; "a highly mobile face"
  7. Mobile is the last album from Beaver, and one of the last released on Man's Ruin Records.
  8. The Mobile Amtrak station was a train station in Mobile, Alabama, United States served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system. Service was suspended after Hurricane Katrina, which flooded the station. In 2006, CSX sold the property to a developer, who razed the station in 2007. ...
  9. Mobile is a Canadian Alternative Rock band from Montreal made up of Mathieu Joly (vocals), Christian Brais (guitar), Martin Lavallee (drums), Dominic Viola (bass) and Francois Williamson (guitar). Their debut album, Tomorrow Starts Today, was released in 2006. ...
  10. A mob, pronounced , is a computer-controlled non-player character (NPC) or monster in a computer game such as a role-playing video game, MMORPG, CORPG or MUD. ...
  11. The Mobile River is located in southern Alabama in the United States. Formed out of the confluence of the Tombigbee and Alabama rivers, the approximately 45-mile-long (72 km) river drains an area of 44,000 sq mi (115,000 km²) of Alabama, with a watershed extending into Mississippi, Georgia, and ...
  12. A mobile is a type of kinetic sculpture constructed to take advantage of the principle of equilibrium. It consists of a number of rods, from which weighted objects or further rods hang. The objects hanging from the rods balance each other, so that the rods remain more or less horizontal. ...
  13. A sculpture or decorative arrangement made of items hanging so that they can move independently from each other; A mobile phone; Capable of being moved
  14. (mobility) The condition of being mobile; A measure of the extent to which something is mobile; The movement of people or things; Ease of movement between economic conditions
  15. (Mobility) Capable of moving or being moved readily. (Joint mobility) Movement around an entire joint.
  16. (Mobility) Ability of an individual to move within, and interact with, the environment, usually involving utilization of public and/or private transportation, wheelchairs or ambulation. [Click Here To Return To List]
  17. (Mobility) The act of moving or the ability to move from one's present position to one's desired position in another part of the environment. See also orientation.
  18. (mobility) The ability to relocate WPARs from one managed system to another.
  19. (MOBILITY) The ability to move about freely on the board.
  20. ( Mobility) Naval forces have unrestricted global mobility based on the traditional and time-honored concept of the free use of international seas. In many cases, naval forces can perform assigned missions while remaining beyond the range of the local enemy threat. ...
  21. (MOBILITY) Movement of people or goods within the transportation system.
  22. (MOBILITY) one of the basic sets of social forces of interest to New Historicists. In constrast with cultural forces of constraint, the forces of mobility work to foster change and growth in society.
  23. (Mobility) A change in a person’s city, town or community of residence, including the frequency and reasons for moves.
  24. (Mobility) A change in social status. The process of changing residence.
  25. (Mobility) Ability of a person to move the body. Bed mobility refers to getting in/out and moving around in bed. Wheelchair mobility refers to moving the wheelchair on various surfaces and managing the wheelchair parts. ...