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misreading, present participle; misread, past participle; misreads, 3rd person singular present; misread, past tense;
  1. Read (a piece of text) wrongly

  2. Judge or interpret (a situation or a person's manner or behavior) incorrectly
    • - had she been completely misreading his intentions?

  1. read or interpret wrongly; "He misread the data"
  2. (misreading) misinterpretation caused by inaccurate reading
  3. Riot on an Empty Street is the second album from Norwegian duo Kings of Convenience. It features two song collaborations with Canadian musician Feist. It peaked at #2 in Norway and #49 in the UK.
  4. To read wrongly, normally by accident
  5. To putt wrongly. To not read the green correctly.
  6. to incorrectly discern line on a putt.
  7. A condition that exists when the data presented by the reader is different from the corresponding data in the tag.
  8. A condition which occurs when the data output of a reader/decoder does not agree with the data encoded in the bar code field.
  9. The situation which occurs when a bar code reading device detects a bar code symbol incorrectly (different than intended). A mis-read may be due to a defective symbol, to a mis-match between the reading device and the printed symbol, or to a defective reader or decoder. ...
  10. To incorrectly calculate the necessary speed or break of a putt.
  11. Not realize the value of your hand, or overlook a possible winner. For example, in seven card stud, you may have been concentrating so hard on making a flush that you don't see that, while you missed the flush, you actually had a straight. You can also misread another player's hand.