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miles, plural;
  1. A unit of linear measure equal to 5,280 feet, or 1,760 yards (approximately 1.609 kilometers)

  2. A Roman measure of 1,000 paces (approximately 1,620 yards)

  3. A very long way or a very great amount
    • - vistas that stretch for miles
  4. A race extending over a mile

  1. By a great amount or a long way
    • - the second tape is miles better

  1. a unit of length equal to 1,760 yards or 5,280 feet; exactly 1609.344 meters
  2. nautical mile: a unit of length used in navigation; exactly 1,852 meters; historically based on the distance spanned by one minute of arc in latitude
  3. a large distance; "he missed by a mile"
  4. sea mile: a former British unit of length once used in navigation; equivalent to 6,000 feet (1828.8 meters)
  5. a footrace extending one mile; "he holds the record in the mile"
  6. A mile is a unit of length in a number of different systems. In contemporary English, a mile most commonly refers to the statute mile of 5,280 feet (1,760 yards, or 1,609.344 metres), the survey mile of 5,280 survey feet or the nautical mile of . ...
  7. A Scots mile was the same length as the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, i.e. from the castle down to the Holyrood Abbey. English miles were imposed in 1824 by an Act of Parliament.
  8. (Miled) In Irish origin legends, Míl Espáine or Míl Espáne (later pseudo-Latinised as Milesius; also Miled/Miledh) is the ancestor of the final inhabitants of Ireland, the "sons of Míl" or Milesians, who represent the vast majority of the Irish Gaels.
  9. (MILES) The Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System or MILES is used by the US military and other armed forces around the world for training purposes. It uses lasers and blank cartridges to simulate actual battle.
  10. (Miles (Barnyard)) Barnyard: The Original Party Animals is a 2006 computer-animated family comedy film, produced by Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures, that was released on August 4, 2006.
  11. (Miles (EP)) Miles is the second EP by popular Melbourne Rockers, The Vasco Era. Miles contains the Triple J favourite "Kingswood".
  12. A unit of measure (length or distance) equal to 5,280 feet (8 furlongs) in the U.S.Customary/Imperial system of measurements. One mile is equal to 1.609344 km. ^[1]; A Roman unit of measure equal to 1000 (double) steps (mille passus or mille passuum) or 5000 Roman feet (approx. ...
  13. (miles) A great distance
  14. (MILES) This is the USA Army (and NATO) protocol for military combat simulation. The equipment is manufactured by a company called Cubic.
  15. (Miles) (Latin) Soldier; name given to the candidate who passed the third stage of initiation into the Mithraic Brotherhood.
  16. (Miles) The currency of a Frequent Flyer programme
  17. (Miles) is a wise old mule that lives in the Barnyard. He along with Pig, Pip, Freddy, and Peck help Otis defeat the Coyote pack.
  18. (miles) used to denote a knight
  19. Miles are used to calculate private vehicle charters on a per mile basis.
  20. Poor Miles. He was sent to the Island on a freighter that was later blown up. He hears the dead. He traveled through time and watched as his father’s arm was cut off. And he never even got paid! ...
  21. The slang referring to the 1500 meter or the 1650 yard freestyle, both of which are slightly short of a mile.
  22. A linear measurement equal to 5280 feet on land and 6076 feet across water (nautical mile).
  23. (1) Distance at sea is measured in nautical miles, which are about 6067.12 feet, 1.15 statute miles or exactly 1852 meters. Nautical miles have the unique property that a minute of latitude is equal to one nautical mile (there is a slight error because the earth is not perfectly round. ...
  24. Length equal to 5 180 ft or 1.60 km.
  25. 5,280 feet = 1760 yards = 80 chains