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Goods to be bought and sold,
  1. Promote the sale of (goods), esp. by their presentation in retail outlets
    • - a new breakfast food can easily be merchandised
  2. Advertise or publicize (an idea or person)
    • - they are merchandising “niceness” to children
  3. Trade or traffic in (something), esp. inappropriately

  4. Engage in the business of a merchant

  1. Goods to be bought and sold
    • - stores that offered an astonishing range of merchandise
  2. Products used to promote a particular movie, popular music group, etc., or linked to a particular fictional character; merchandising

  1. commodities offered for sale; "good business depends on having good merchandise"; "that store offers a variety of products"
  2. trade: engage in the trade of; "he is merchandising telephone sets"
  3. (merchandising) selling: the exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money
  4. Merchandising is the methods, practices, and operations used to promote and sustain certain categories of commercial activity. In the broadest sense, merchandising is any practice which contributes to the sale of products to a retail consumer. ...
  5. (Merchandisation) Merchandization is a term coined by the anti-globalization movement to designate the change in viewpoint of individuals or society towards an object or substance. Things that were formerly thought of as simply being there are now being thought of as commodities for sale. ...
  6. (Merchandising (play)) Merchandising is a 1999 play by American playwright David Henry Hwang. The play was written as a special commission from the Actors Theatre of Louisville's Humana Festival. ...
  7. (Merchandising (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)) Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends merchandise describes the variety of different merchandise that has been manufactured to cash-in on the success of the TV Series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. ...
  8. (Merchandising) techniques aimed at optimising sales thanks to the studying the positioning of the products on the shelving: attractive, seductive and informative presentation of a product.
  9. (merchandising) the act of buying and selling goods or commodities.
  10. (Merchandising) In-store advertising or activity e.g. show-cards, mass produced displays, etc.
  11. (Merchandising) Often refers to the way in which goods are displayed in a retail store, to make them more visually enticing to customers, with the intention of increasing sales. Merchandising
  12. (Merchandising) Placing product in an approved and eye appealing configuration.
  13. (Merchandising) Presenting products in their best light to generate more sales
  14. (Merchandising) The activities involved in obtaining and displaying products and making them available at an attractive price and quantity to the consumer.
  15. (Merchandising) The physical and visual language with which our products communicate with the customer: it should be commensurate with the quality of the product and your store.   Also spelled Merchandizing.   Enhanced Content
  16. (Merchandising) The planning involved in marketing the right merchandise at the right place at the right time in the right quantities at the right price. ...
  17. (Merchandising) allocation of shelf space and layout of products.
  18. (Merchandising) the practice of separating timber into product classes thereby increasing value for the timber
  19. (merchandising) 1. Selling goods in exchange for money. 2. Practices and operations promoting commercial activity. 3. Activities that stimulate in-store sales, including how goods are displayed, priced, and promoted in order to make them visually apparent and appealing.
  20. (merchandising) Licensed products whose design is based on a film or television show.
  21. (merchandising) The creative handling and presentation of products at the point of sale to maximize their sales appeal.
  22. (merchandising) displaying the books instore.
  23. (merchandising) the management of stock in supermarkets and other non-specialist sales outlets in order to ensure the display of the fastest selling titles.
  24. ATG Merchandising is the application used to manage all catalog assets, promotions, coupons, search facets, media items.  It allows Business Users to test Merchandising changes through Preview as well as the ability to test search configurations and facets
  25. Those goods which a commercial enterprise ordinarily sells to its customers.