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met, past tense; meets, 3rd person singular present; met, past participle; meeting, present participle;
  1. Suitable; fit; proper
    • - it is a theater meet for great events
  1. Come into the presence or company of (someone) by chance or arrangement
    • - a week later I met him in the street
    • - we met for lunch
    • - they arranged to meet up that afternoon
  2. Make the acquaintance of (someone) for the first time
    • - she took Paul to meet her parents
    • - we met at an office party
  3. (of a group of people) Assemble for a particular purpose
    • - the committee meets once a week
  4. Have a meeting with (someone)
    • - he met with the president on September 16
  5. Go to a place and wait there for (a person or their means of transport) to arrive
    • - I offered to meet their train
  6. Play or oppose in a contest
    • - in the final match, the U.S. will meet Brazil
    • - the Twins and Mariners will not meet again until September
  7. Touch; join
    • - Harry's lips met hers
    • - the curtains failed to meet in the middle
    • - our eyes met across the table
  8. Encounter or be faced with (a particular fate, situation, attitude, or reaction)
    • - he met his death in 1946
    • - we met with a slight setback
  9. Have (a particular reaction) to
    • - the announcement was met with widespread protests
  10. Receive (a particular reaction)
    • - I'm sorry if it doesn't meet with your approval
  11. Fulfill or satisfy (a need, requirement, or condition)
    • - this policy is doing nothing to meet the needs of women
  12. Deal with or respond to (a problem or challenge) satisfactorily
    • - they failed to meet the noon deadline
  13. Pay (a financial claim or obligation)
    • - all your household expenses will still have to be met
  1. An organized event at which a number of races or other sporting contests are held
    • - a swim meet

  1. a meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held
  2. come together; "I'll probably see you at the meeting"; "How nice to see you again!"
  3. fitting: being precisely fitting and right; "it is only meet that she should be seated first"
  4. get together socially or for a specific purpose
  5. converge: be adjacent or come together; "The lines converge at this point"
  6. fill or meet a want or need
  7. In mathematics, join and meet are dual binary operations on the elements of a partially ordered set. A join on a set is defined as the (necessarily unique) supremum (least upper bound) with respect to a partial order on the set, provided a supremum exists. ...
  8. A sports competition, especially for athletics or swimming; A gathering of riders, their horses and hounds for the purpose of foxhunting; A meeting of two trains in opposite directions on a single track, when one is put into a siding to let the other cross. (Antonym: a pass. ...
  9. (meetly) fitly; suitably; properly
  10. (meetness) fitness; suitability; propriety
  11. (Meets) Matches or is above the performance level the State Board set as meeting the standard.
  12. (A+ meets) are swimmers in the advance to state qualifiers.
  13. “Meets the Standard” denotes solid academic performance and understanding of the content standards.
  14. When two trains approach from opposite directions and pass, one using a siding.
  15. an "A" meet is scored (see dual meet scoring), and ribbons are awarded for the top six finishers in each event.
  16. An organized competition between two (or more) wrestling teams.
  17. A series of events held in one program.
  18. Competition designed to be a learning experience by implementing what has been learned in practice. The swimmer tests himself against the clock to see how he is improving.
  19. findan; metan; gemetan
  20. more IMDiversity Employment Opportunity Network allies
  21. The greatest lower bound of two elements of a lattice (in meaning 1).
  22. Series of events determining the basis of competition.
  23. A meet pattern consists of a set of MPOs that form a stationary cluster. That is, they stay within a cylinder of a certain radius in the space–time cube; in the projection to the plane, they stay within a stationary disk of specific radius in a certain time interval (Figure 5). ...
  24. Assembling of a hunt on a given day. See Fixture.
  25. n. A gathering of falconers and their birds for the purpose of hunting game, swapping stories, and learning more about the art of falconry. National and local organizations hold meets regularly.