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Noun (plural)
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mathematics, plural;
  1. The abstract science of number, quantity, and space. Mathematics may be studied in its own right (pure mathematics), or as it is applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering (applied mathematics)

  2. The mathematical aspects of something
    • - the mathematics of general relativity

  1. a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
  2. (mathematical) numerical: relating to or having ability to think in or work with numbers; "tests for rating numerical aptitude"; "a mathematical whiz"
  3. (mathematically) with respect to mathematics; "mathematically impossible"
  4. Mathematics is the debut EP released by the British Indie rock band The Servant. It came out in 1999, being the first of a double album, together with With the Invisible which came out in 2000. It contained 6 tracks and totalled 25 minutes length.
  5. "Mathematics" is the debut single from Manchester band Cherry Ghost. It was released as a digital download on March 26, 2007 and on CD and 7" vinyl on April 9, 2007. It went to #57 on the UK singles chart. ...
  6. Mathematics is one of the mandatory subjects on the Junior Cert examination in secondary schools in Ireland. There are three levels: Higher, Ordinary and Foundation.
  7. Mathematics, also known as Allah Mathematics, (born: Ronald M. Bean) is a hip hop producer and DJ for the Wu-Tang Clan. As well as producing many tracks for the Wu-Tang Clan and for its solo and affiliate projects, Math has released two solo albums.
  8. "Mathematics" is a b-side single from Mos Def's solo debut album, Black on Both Sides. It contains lyrics about various social issues and asks the listener to add them up and come to conclusions about them. ...
  9. Mathematics (sometimes referred to as General Math, to distinguish it from other mathematics-related events) is one of several academic events sanctioned by the University Interscholastic League. ...
  10. An abstract representational system used in the study of numbers, shapes, structure and change and the relationships between these concepts; A person's ability to count, calculate, and use different systems of mathematics at differing levels
  11. (mathematical) a group of symbols representing numbers and operations.
  12. (Mathematicians) Anaxagoras · Anthemius · Archytas · Aristaeus the Elder · Aristarchus · Apollonius · Archimedes · Autolycus · Bion · Boethius · Bryson · Callippus · Carpus · Chrysippus · Cleomedes · Conon · Ctesibius · Democritus · Dicaearchus · Diocles · Diophantus · Dinostratus · Dionysodorus ...
  13. (Mathematicians) a specialist or expert in math
  14. Differentia: The relationship and properties of quantities, through the use of numbers
  15. (ordinary or advanced level), including 15 assignments 10 of which must be completed.
  16. A guide to the terminology of prime numbers.
  17. Math is no more than counting, which gets complex with various means, or shortcuts. Division is counting groups -- groups of two, three, whatever. ...
  18. A group of instructional programs that describes the science of numbers and their operations, interrelations, combinations, generalizations, and abstractions and of space configurations and their structure, measurement, transformations, and generalizations.
  19. The science of structure, order, and relation that has evolved from elemental practices of counting, measuring, and describing the shapes of objects. It deals with logical reasoning and quantitative calculation ...[Britannica Online v 1.31, 1995]
  20. The study of abstract patterns and relationships that results in an exact language used to communicate about them.
  21. The origin of the word mathematics is in the Greek word manthanein, to learn. The legend is that it was Pythagorus who created the term. The meaning is preserved today in the word polymath, for a person of great or varied learning. ...
  22. is the study of numbers, quantities, shapes, and space using mathematical processes, rules, and symbols. There are many branches of mathematics and a large vocabulary associated with this subject.
  23. Also known as math. This field studies values, numbers, and quantities.Those values could be simple amounts such as the number of nuts. The values could also apply to shapes and describe length, width, and volume. When more than one value is involved, mathematics looks at changes. ...
  24. Teaches basic math concepts needed to perform advanced equations.
  25. 1) The only human endeavor which rivals band in importance, 2) low grades in which are a frequent cause of band member disqualification.