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marquees, plural;
  1. A rooflike projection over the entrance to a theater, hotel, or other building

  2. Leading; preeminent
    • - a marquee player
  3. A large tent used for social or commercial functions

  1. pavilion: large and often sumptuous tent
  2. permanent canopy over an entrance of a hotel etc.
  3. The marquee tag is a non-standard HTML element which causes text to scroll up, down, left or right automatically. ...
  4. A tent is a shelter consisting of sheets of fabric or other material draped over or attached to a frame of poles or attached to a supporting rope. While smaller tents may be free-standing or attached to the ground, large tents are usually anchored using guy ropes tied to stakes or tent pegs. ...
  5. Marquee, or CBC Marquee, was a Canadian drama television series which aired on CBC Television from 1979 to 1980.
  6. The Marquee was a music club first located at 165 Oxford Street, London, England when it opened in 1958 with a range of jazz and skiffle acts.
  7. A large tent with open sides, used for outdoors entertainment; A projecting canopy over an entrance, especially one with a sign that displays the name of the establishment or other information of it; By generalization, used for lights that turn on and off in sequence, or scrolling text, as ...
  8. An HTML tag that makes text scroll across the page as if on a marquee. It is used to draw viewer attention.
  9. A type of live region where non-essential information changes frequently. Also see log.
  10. An advertising area. See Backglass Marquee.
  11. A dashed or dotted box outline surrounding an object or objects. In some programs a marquee blinks.
  12. A lightweight frame structure or series of perimeter poles and/or masts covered with fabric or pliable material adjoined to one or more structures.
  13. Usually located at the top of an arcade machine, this is normally a back-lit colorful sign displaying the name of the video game. Marquees are designed to draw attention to the game.
  14. (1) A permanent roof-like structure or canopy of rigid materials supported by and extending from the facade of a building frequently used to display signage. ...
  15. A permanent overhead canopy projecting from the elevation of a building and designed to provide continuous overhead weather protection to the area underneath. (Ord. 2945 2-2-81, § 23)
  16. An onsite billboard, often advertising a theater performance.
  17. A rectangular area used for selecting objects on the Stage.
  18. In the computer world, a rectangular frame drawn by the mouse around something being Selected.
  19. a rooflike structure or awning projecting over an entrance, as to a theater; here, the marquee at Madison Square Garden, advertising the fights.
  20. A canopy extending out from an entrance for protection from the weather.
  21. A horizontally scrolling text message. Usually done with Javascript.
  22. Backlighted plastic or glass portion at the top of a game which has the game name and artwork on it. - "The Centipede marquee is in great shape."
  23. A permanent roofed structure that extends outward from the face of a building and is designed to act as a grand entrance. Usually associated with hotels and theatres, its three sides allow for very visible identifying signage or advertising.
  24. A large canvas structure which when erected above goods in a country area, preferably in the grounds of a large country house where an auction is taking place, enhances prices beyond all reason.
  25. A long and narrow tent used for sheltering walkways, defining an entry to a tent, building, or house.