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Chief in size or importance,
  1. Chief in size or importance
    • - a main road
    • - the main problem is one of resources
  2. Denoting the center of a network, from which other parts branch out
    • - I am seldom at the main office
  1. A match between fighting cocks

  2. (in the game of hazard) A number (5, 6, 7, 8, or 9) called by a player before dice are thrown

  1. any very large body of (salt) water
  2. chief(a): most important element; "the chief aim of living"; "the main doors were of solid glass"; "the principal rivers of America"; "the principal example"; "policemen were primary targets"; "the master bedroom"; "a master switch"
  3. independent: (of a clause) capable of standing syntactically alone as a complete sentence; "the main (or independent) clause in a complex sentence has at least a subject and a verb"
  4. a principal pipe in a system that distributes water or gas or electricity or that collects sewage
  5. main(a): of force; of the greatest possible intensity; "by main strength"
  6. (mainly) chiefly: for the most part; "he is mainly interested in butterflies"
  7. The Main is a river in Germany, 524 km (329 miles) long (including the White Main, 574 km (357 mi)), and it is one of the more significant tributaries of the Rhine. ...
  8. Main was formed in 1991 by Robert Hampson and Scott Dawson, former members of Loop. They combined ambient sound with layers of electric guitars and dark, foreboding emotional overtones. In 2006 Hampson announced that Main had been effectively disbanded in favour of his solo work.
  9. Maine was a station on the Chicago Transit Authority's Niles Center branch, now known as the Yellow Line. The station was located at Main Street and Skokie Boulevard in Skokie, Illinois. Main was situated south of Dempster and north of Oakton. ...
  10. This is a list and description of the guitars and other equipment played by musician Stevie Ray Vaughan. ...
  11. Main is a lunar crater that is located near the north pole of the Moon. The southern rim of this formation has merged with the larger crater Challis to the south, and the level interior floor connects the two craters through a narrower gap. To the north-northwest of Main is Gioja.
  12. The Main was a 1691 ton, iron sailing ship built by Russel & Company for the Nourse Line and launched in August 1884. ...
  13. Strength; power; force; violent effort. [from 9th c.]; That which is chief or principal; the chief or main portion; the gross; the bulk; the greater part; The mainland. [from 16th c.]; The high seas. [from 16th c. ...
  14. (mains) The domestic electrical power supply; The pipes of a centralized water supply that transport the water to individual buildings
  15. Mains is a term used extensively outside of the United States to describe the normal power service (utility).
  16. (Mains) The home farm on an estate that is cultivated by or for the land-owner.
  17. (MAINS) Short for three main engines which are used to help propel the orbiter into space.
  18. (Mains (AC or DC)) Refers to the electricity supplied by a main source, rather than a battery.  Early domestic mains was Direct Current (DC) which was eventually superseded world-wide by alternating current (AC).
  19. (Mains (water)) Conducción de agua (f)
  20. (Mains) The AC power distribution lines provided by a power utility.
  21. (Mains) The main courses served at a restaurant or pub. Where an American menu would say entrées, a British one would say mains. For example, it’s common for British pubs to have signs in their windows advertising “2 mains for £7.50″ or something similar. ...
  22. (Mains) an abbreviation of 'main' retract or undercarriage legs.
  23. (Mains) power lines Modified semi-anechoic chamber -" Semi-anechoic chamber which has additional absorbers installed on the ground plane." [IEC-801-3]
  24. (Mains) the AC line voltage input.  Occasionally the fuse on the AC input will be labeled "Mains Fuse".
  25. (mains) n. 1. The place where the gas or electricity may be turned on or off. Oddly enough this is always plural even if you refer to the shutoff for just one utility. As in, ``Before disconnecting the cooker, be sure the mains are disconnected.''