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lyrics, plural;
  1. A lyric poem or verse

  2. Lyric poetry as a literary genre

  3. The words of a song
    • - she has published both music and lyrics for a number of songs

  1. (lyric) expressing deep emotion; "the dancer's lyrical performance"
  2. (lyric) write lyrics for (a song)
  3. (lyric) the text of a popular song or musical-comedy number; "his compositions always started with the lyrics"; "he wrote both words and music"; "the song uses colloquial language"
  4. (lyric) a short poem of songlike quality
  5. (lyric) used of a singer or singing voice that is light in volume and modest in range; "a lyric soprano"
  6. (lyric) relating to or being musical drama; "the lyric stage"
  7. (Lyric (song)) "Lyric" is a song by Zwan. It was the second single from their album Mary Star of the Sea, and it was only released in the United Kingdom.
  8. (Lyrical(P. Plourde)) Lyrical is a Hip hop artist from Lowell, Massachusetts, who also teaches college. His 2005 album iNFiNiTi won for album of the year in the M.I.C. Hip Hop awards in Boston and is available worldwide. ...
  9. The words to a song (or other vocal music)
  10. (lyric) A poem, such as a sonnet or an ode, that expresses the thoughts and feelings of the poet. A lyric poem may resemble a song in form or style.
  11. (Lyric) A brief poem that expresses the personal emotions and thoughts of a single speaker, not necessarily of the poet.
  12. (lyric) (LEER-ick) poetry: a song-like poem written mainly to express the feelings or emotions of a single speaker.
  13. (lyric) originally, a poem meant to be sung to the accompaniment of a lyre; now, any short poem in which the speaker expresses intense personal emotion rather than describing a narrative or dramatic situation.
  14. (LYRIC) A relatively brief, subjective poem exploring the speaker's emotional response to a subject. ...
  15. (LYRIC) Characterising verse expressing the poets' personal emotions or sentiments; songlike: distinguished from epic, dramatic.
  16. (LYRIC) short poem, song like, focussing on emotion
  17. (Lyric) 1. The words to a song. 2. In a singing and melodious manner.
  18. (Lyric) A literary genre characterized by the assumed concealment of the audience from the poet and by the predominance of an associational rhythm distinguishable both from recurrent metre and from semantic or prose rhythm.
  19. (Lyric) A short non-narrative poem that has a solitary speaker, and that usually expresses a particular feeling, mood, or thought. Click here for more details.
  20. (Lyric) a short poem, of a musical and rhythmical nature, expressing directly the "speaker's" own feelings.
  21. (Lyric) a short poem, often songlike, with the emphasis not on narrative but on the speaker's emotion or reverie. Whereas a narrative is set in the past, telling what happened, a lyric is set in the present, catching a speaker in a moment of expression. ...
  22. (Lyric) a short, highly formal, song-like poem, usually passionate and confessional, often about love; a song expressing a private mood or an intense personal feeling. The sonnet and the ode are two specific types of lyric.
  23. A lyric is a fairly short poem which is the expression of strong feelings (thoughts, or perceptions) of a single speaker in a meditative manner. Read More...
  24. A lyric, in poetry, is a short personal poem.
  25. (3. lyrical) A lyric poem is one that expresses a subjective, point of view, usually in the form of words to a tune, song or a poem.