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(of liquid or food that should be hot) Only moderately warm; tepid,
  1. (of liquid or food that should be hot) Only moderately warm; tepid
    • - they drank bitter lukewarm coffee
  2. (of a person, attitude, or action) Unenthusiastic
    • - the universities were lukewarm about the proposal from the start

  1. moderately warm; "he hates lukewarm coffee"; "tepid bath water"
  2. halfhearted: feeling or showing little interest or enthusiasm; "a halfhearted effort"; "gave only lukewarm support to the candidate"
  3. (lukewarmly) in an unenthusiastically lukewarm manner; "he was lukewarmly received by his relatives"
  4. Lukewarm was a fictional character in the popular BBC sitcom Porridge. He was played by Christopher Biggins.
  5. Temperature between warm and cool; Not very enthusiastic (about a proposal or an idea)
  6. Neither cool nor warm; approximately body temperature.
  7. Slightly warm, or around 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
  8. Derogatory term for moderate and/or Mainline Christians because they are neither "hot" nor "cold", IE: they are not extremist. Derived from Revelation 3:16.
  9. Heating a liquid to between room temperature and boiling; typically about 110 degrees F.
  10. A temperature of about 95oF, not too hot and not too cold.
  11. Not So Hot: Luke Warm ^JG