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loudspeakers, plural;
  1. An apparatus that converts electrical impulses into sound, typically as part of a public address system or stereo equipment

  1. electro-acoustic transducer that converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance
  2. Loudspeaker is an instrumental album by the guitarist Marty Friedman, released in 2006 in Japan, and 2007 in United States. It entered the Japanese national chart at #33. This marks the first Top 40 chart position for any of his solo albums.
  3. Loudspeaker is a 2009 Malayalam Cinema directed by the National awards winning director Jayaraj starring Mammootty in the lead role with Sasi Kumar, Gracy Singh and Jagathy Sreekumar. Mammootty and Jayaraj are together after seventeen yearsafter their only movie Johnne Walker.
  4. The Loudspeaker is a 1934 American film directed by Joseph Santley.
  5. (LOUDSPEAKERS) What one listens to if one stays at home. Alternately, one can go out to a concert and, more often than not, listen to loudspeakers.
  6. An electroacoustical transducer that changes electrical energy to acoustical energy.
  7. Converts electrical energy to sound energy. This can mean an entire system such as a woofer, midrange, tweeter, crossover network, and enclosure. It can also mean an individual speaker driver such as a woofer.
  8. The part of a sound system which produces the sound and "throws" it out to the audience. There are a number of kinds of speaker (as they are usually called): tweeters (qv), horns (qv), bass cabs (qv).
  9. Audio: A speaker system which includes the enclosure, the driver or complement of drivers, and the associated electronics, such as a crossover network or internal amplifier.
  10. A device that converts electric signals to audible sound.
  11. the part of a sound system which turns the electrical signals from the amplifiers back into an audible waveform (also sometimes referred to as cabinets / cabs or boxes).
  12. The loudspeaker is also called the receiver. It receives the amplified electrical signal and changes it into an acoustical signal that the user of the hearing aid can hear.
  13. (images) - A transducer that converts the electronic audio signal back into a sound wave. Due to physical constraints, it is difficult for one loudspeaker to convert accurately the entire audio spectrum, so manufacturers use a number of loudspeakers in a single cabinet to properly reproduce the ...
  14. An electromechanical device capable of reproducing sound. A signal from an amplification device is fed to the voice coil of the loudspeaker which produces a magnetic field. This coil is mounted inside a fixed magnetic field from a permanent magnet. ...