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longings, plural;
  1. Having or showing such desire
    • - her longing eyes
  1. A yearning desire
    • - Miranda felt a wistful longing for the old days
    • - a longing to be free
    • - his tale of love and longing

  1. prolonged unfulfilled desire or need
  2. (longingly) in a yearning manner; "he spent the rest of the act gazing longingly over my right shoulder at the illuminated word `Exit'"
  3. Longing was to have been Dusty Springfield's second LP for the ABC Dunhill Records label, and tenth studio album overall, recorded in 1974 and planned for release the same year. ...
  4. "Longing" is a song by X Japan, released in alternating versions as singles on 1 August 1995 and 1 September 1995 respectively. There are two versions of the song, "Togireta Melody" and "Setsubou no Yoru". ...
  5. The Longing (2003) was the final short film completed by award winning Australian director Alex Frayne. The documentary was independently financed and filmed entirely in Braidwood, New South Wales. ...
  6. An earnest and deep, not greatly passionate, but rather melancholic desire; The buying of a financial instrument with the expectation that its value will rise
  7. (Longed) means wanted something or someone very much. What’s the word?
  8. Longing is lust of beholding someone who is not present.
  9. (Valeska Grisebach, Germany); Secret Sunshine (Lee Chang-dong, South Korea); Vai e Vem (João César Monteiro, Portugal); Far From Heaven (Todd Haynes, U.S./France).