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literatures, plural;
  1. Written works, esp. those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit
    • - a great work of literature
  2. Books and writings published on a particular subject
    • - the literature on environmental epidemiology
  3. The writings of a country or period
    • - early French literature
  4. Leaflets and other printed matter used to advertise products or give advice

  5. The production or profession of writing

  1. creative writing of recognized artistic value
  2. the humanistic study of a body of literature; "he took a course in Russian lit"
  3. published writings in a particular style on a particular subject; "the technical literature"; "one aspect of Waterloo has not yet been treated in the literature"
  4. the profession or art of a writer; "her place in literature is secure"
  5. Literature (from Latin littera; letter), is the art of written works. Literally translated, the word literature means "acquaintance with letters" (as in the "arts and letters"). The two most basic written literary categories include fiction and nonfiction.
  6. Literature is a card game for six players. It uses a modified version of the Western 52-playing card deck; the 2's are removed, leaving 48 cards. ...
  7. The body of all written works; The collected creative writing of a nation, people, group, or culture; All the papers, treatises, etc. published in academic journals on a particular subject; Written fiction of a high standard
  8. Books, magazines, articles, plays, short stories, poems-anything that utilizes the written word.
  9. Written works of fiction and nonfiction in which compositional excellence and advancement in the art of writing are higher priorities than are considerations of profit or commercial appeal.
  10. Designation applied to titles judged unsaleable.
  11. Literature is broadly defined as any written or spoken material, but the term most often refers to creative works. ...
  12. besides the works of PEIRCE and JAMES, as cited, see CALDWELL, Pragmatism, in Mind, Oct., 1900; MILLER, Philos. Rev., viii. (1899) 166; cf. CLIFFORD, Lect. and Essays (1886), 85 ff.; also the literature of SELECTIVE THINKING. (J.M.B.)
  13. The written repository of medical knowledge. It includes information sources such as: refereed scientific journals, practice oriented review journals, conference proceedings, trade journals, textbooks, product promotion materials, and internet e-mail communications, all which vary widely in ...
  14. Local info: Literature. Links: Aten and the Great Hymn.
  15. N (regarded for its educational or informative content) literaturo, (regarded for its aesthetic value) beletroAk
  16. We study and read OA-approved pamphlets; OA-approved books, such as Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous and For Today; and we read Lifeline, our monthly magazine on recovery. ...
  17. (1) the art of writing something that will be read twice. (2) only what people would say to each other if they had the chance. (3) a monumental proof enough against death.
  18. information in the form of books, old catalogs, and manufacturers specification sheets (some recent and some very old) used by curators to assist in the identification unknown dinnerware patterns and piece types.
  19. Literature constitutes an important cultural element in the life of Egypt. Egyptian novelists and poets were among the first to experiment with modern styles of Arabic literature, and the forms they developed have been widely imitated throughout the Middle East. ...
  20. a form of writing that includes poems, novels, short stories, and plays
  21. Teacher who works with students to read, study, and critique literature from classical works. Literature includes school personnel with the job titles American literature, Advanced Placement English Literature, Advanced Placement World Literature, and British Literature.
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  23. is a term used to describe writing which has some significance. There is usually a universality to the message and excellence in the actual writing.
  24. English words containing Q not followed by U, The Oz books
  25. The history of Acadian literature can be divided into 5 periods.