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Restricted in size, amount, or extent; few, small, or short,
  1. Restricted in size, amount, or extent; few, small, or short
    • - a limited number of places are available
    • - special offers available for a limited period
    • - the legislation has had a limited effect
  2. (of a monarchy or government) Exercised under limitations of power prescribed by a constitution

  3. (of a person) Not great in ability or talents
    • - I think he is a very limited man
  4. (of a train or other vehicle of public transportation) Making few intermediate stops; express

  5. Denoting a company whose owners are legally responsible for its debts only to the extent of the amount of capital they invested (used after a company name)
    • - Times Newspapers Limited

  1. small in range or scope; "limited war"; "a limited success"; "a limited circle of friends"
  2. express: public transport consisting of a fast train or bus that makes only a few scheduled stops; "he caught the express to New York"
  3. circumscribed: subject to limits or subjected to limits
  4. including only a part
  5. mediocre
  6. not excessive
  7. Forty Thieves is a solitaire card game. It is quite difficult to win, and relies mostly on skill. It is also known as Napoleon at Saint Helena, Roosevelt at San Juan, Big Forty and Le Cadran.
  8. The Limited is an American apparel company. It is owned by the private equity firm Sun Capital Partners.
  9. With certain (often specified) limits placed upon it
  10. 'Ltd' after a company name indicates that the company is privately owned with 'limited liability' status. This means that the directors of the company are not liable for the company's debts if it goes bust. Nearly all newly-formed companies in the UK are incorporated as Ltd companies. ...
  11. A limited appointment is an appointment established at any percentage of time, fixed or variable, during which the appointee is expected to be on pay status for less than 1,000 hours in a 12-month period
  12. In the United Kingdom there are two types of limited companies: (a) a private limited company in which the public cannot be invited to subscribe to any share issue and (b) a public limited company (plc) which can raise funds through share issues. ...
  13. Similar to the * designation in that the lenses are of very high quality, but not meaning that the lens is being produced in limited quantities. Star-lenses are generally large and expensive zooms and Limited lenses are generally compact and expensive primes with not very wide apertures.
  14. It can only select from existing traits, and cannot create new traits;
  15. a company whose owners are legally responsible only to a limited amount for its debts.
  16. The edition is limited to 195 and is numbered and signed by the artist. A print has not been made of this image before or will be in the future.  The artist has licensed Part of the Country to print their work. ...
  17. (1992; very similar to Classic, but not numbered edition with brass plaquete instead of the numbering)
  18. private companies limited by guarantee, such as a charity or university.
  19. Restricted in duration, extent, or scope; confined.
  20. limited liability company whose shares are not traded publicly (UK). See also "PLC.”
  21. A limited movie means it has had a limited theater run, generally opening in less than 250 theaters, generally smaller films (such as art house films) are released as limited.
  22. A format for playing the game that restricts the sets that are playable.  For example, a pre-release is a limited format.
  23. A print from a predetermined number of impressions made from a plate, after which no more impressions are to be taken. This guarantees that only a given number of an image or sculpture will be created in the size, style and medium indicated. ...
  24. Service Hotel A hotel with no restaurant and not much meeting space.
  25. A Keyword appearing on Hero cards.  Limited cards are unique, in that only one card of that name can be in play at one time.  If a Limited card with the same name as a Limited card already in play would come into play, the second card is put into the appropriate Trash instead.