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lifestyles, plural;
  1. The way in which a person or group lives
    • - the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  2. Denoting advertising or products designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable lifestyle

  1. life style: a manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes
  2. Lifestyle is the seventh full-length album released by indie rock band Silkworm. It is the band's second album released on Touch and Go Records. ...
  3. Lifestyle is a weekly entertainment news show that is broadcast on Alter Channel. It premiered in 2003 and is the most successful entertainment series on Alter. It is currently running its sixth season.
  4. Lifestyle is a term to describe the way a person lives, which was originally coined by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler in 1929. The current broader sense of the word dates from 1961. ...
  5. Lifestyle was a British daytime television channel dedicated to women and family, and was broadcast on cable and on the transponder 5 of the Astra satellite. Lifestyle's lineup consisted on magazines, novelas and movies. ...
  6. LifeStyles Condoms is a brand of condom made by the Australian company Ansell Limited, previously known as Pacific Dunlop Limited.
  7. A style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group; the totality of the likes and dislikes of a particular section of the market, especially when expressed in terms of the products and services that they would buy; a marketing strategy based on the self-image of such ...
  8. Clothing (Shalwar-Kameez) • Cosmetics (Mehndi) • Cuisine • Etiquette • Gun culture • Languages (Urdu) • Nationalism (Flags • Holidays • Symbols • Songs) • Prostitution
  9. This information shows other sites the audience is likely to visit, and the affinity indicates how much more likely than average. See Reading Our Reports.
  10. a way or style of living; your normal habits, pastimes, attitudes, standard of living, etc.
  11. set of choices about diet, exercise, job type, leisure activities, and other aspects of life
  12. (in  South American forest Indian: Economic systems)
  13. Lifestyle is a way of living based on identifiable patterns of behaviour which are determined by the interplay between an individual’s personal characteristics, social interactions, and socioeconomic and environmental living conditions.Module 1
  14. This is an investment approach where money is switched from company shares to safer investments as you get nearer to retirement.
  15. Inaccurate term used by anti-gay extremists to denigrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lives. As there is no one straight lifestyle, there is no one lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender lifestyle.
  16. The general pattern of daily behavior, activities, choices, and preferences for an individual or family that might be used to characterize them and distinguish them in meaningful ways from those following a different pattern.
  17. The way people choose to live their lives, based on values they have chosen.
  18. the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour associated with a person or group; a way of life.
  19. jargon. Substitute "life" or "way of life." Like ambience, lifestyle is a word people use when they want to sell you something expensive ("Experience elegant lifestyle and cosmopolitan ambience in our luxury condominiums"). ...
  20. 1) The complexity of life, reduced to the simplicity of consumption and commercial style; 2) A life, conceived as a collection of commodities.  See commodity self.
  21. Your lifestyle may put you at risk for certain diseases. Try not to be embarrassed by or angry with questions about your sex life or tobacco use. If you answer the questions honestly, you may prevent future health problems. The information you provide is confidential. ...
  22. A person's lifestyle is how they live their life. One person's lifestyle might be that they own a home in the suburbs, entertain a lot and spend the winters in Florida. ...
  23. Hobbies, Interests and activities used by marketers to identify potential customers. Examples include: travel for business, spend time with grandchildren, casino gambling, gourmet cooking etc.
  24. Lifestyle factors, which lead to increase adiposity and decreased physical activity, are responsible for the worldwide explosion in prevalence of type 2 diabetes. Although we do not have a practical clinical measure of adiposity, the BMI and waist measurements are useful surrogates for it.
  25. Applications which contain general material relevant to sexual orientation. This will include applications dedicated to the groups themselves, discussions, issues, clubs, applications that address or support sexual orientation lifestyle choices. ...