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Dead or apparently dead,
  1. Dead or apparently dead
    • - his lifeless body was taken from the river
  2. Lacking vigor, vitality, or excitement
    • - my hair always seems to look lifeless
  3. Devoid of living things
    • - the moon is lifeless

  1. deprived of life; no longer living; "a lifeless body"
  2. destitute or having been emptied of life or living beings; "after the dance the littered and lifeless ballroom echoed hollowly"
  3. lacking animation or excitement or activity; "the party being dead we left early"; "it was a lifeless party until she arrived"
  4. not having the capacity to support life; "a lifeless planet"
  5. (lifelessly) without animation or vitality; "lifelessly he performed the song"
  6. (lifelessness) motionlessness: a state of no motion or movement; "the utter motionlessness of a marble statue"
  7. (lifelessness) inanimateness: not having life
  8. Lifeless was the first release by Eighteen Visions.
  9. inanimate; having no life; dead; having lost life; uninhabited, or incapable of supporting life; dull or lacking vitality; departed
  10. A term describing coffee that does not have acidity, caused by not brewing long enough.
  11. Lacking in acidity, similar to Thin.