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levied, past participle; levies, 3rd person singular present; levying, present participle; levied, past tense;
  1. Impose (a tax, fee, or fine)
    • - a new tax could be levied on industry to pay for cleaning up contaminated land
  2. Impose a tax, fee, or fine on
    • - there will be powers to levy the owner
  3. Seize (property) to satisfy a legal judgment
    • - there were no goods to levy upon
  4. Enlist (someone) for military service
    • - he sought to levy one man from each parish for service
  5. Begin to wage (war)

  1. An act of levying a tax, fee, or fine
    • - union members were hit with a 2 percent levy on all pay
  2. A tax so raised

  3. A sum collected for a specific purpose, esp. as a supplement to an existing subscription

  4. An item or set of items of property seized to satisfy a legal judgment

  5. An act of enlisting troops

  6. A body of troops that have been enlisted
    • - lightly armed local levies

  1. impose and collect; "levy a fine"
  2. recruit: cause to assemble or enlist in the military; "raise an army"; "recruit new soldiers"
  3. the act of drafting into military service
  4. Levy is a surname.
  5. The act of levying; The tax, property or people so levied; To impose a tax or fine, to collect monies due, or to confiscate property; To draft someone into military service; To wage war
  6. making (levying war)
  7. (Levies) Amounts payable by lot owners in a Strata Scheme to ensure the costs associated with running and maintaining the Strata Scheme are met. Standard levies cover Sinking Fund and Administrative Fund contributions. ...
  8. (Levies) Contributions paid by owners to the owners corporation to cover expenditure and allocation for capital expenditure. These are usually paid quarterly and the amount is based on unit entitlement.
  9. (Levies) an action brought by the U.S. Treasury Department, IRS, Michigan Treasury Department, and/or the Michigan Employment Security Commission, to collect any taxes or assessments due from an employee to the governmental agency, by deduction from the employee's wages.
  10. To assess; to seize or collect. To levy a tax is to assess a property and set the rate of taxation. To levy an execution is to officially seize the property of a person in order to satisfy an obligation.
  11. In a points club, the annual charge to members to pay for administration of the club in addition to any management charge or supplementary management charge made for actual use of a week. ...
  12. Seizure of property by judicial process.
  13. To impose or assess a tax on a person or property. The amount of taxes to be imposed in a given district.
  14. To charge or assess a tax or charge.
  15. Taking possession of property by an official to satisfy a judgment.
  16. A legal method to seize property or money for unpaid debts under court order. For example, a sheriff can levy on (sell) your automobile if you refuse to pay a judgment.
  17. When the bailiff retrieves payment or goods to raise the sum on the warrant and costs. Notice of this comes 7 days before the bailiffs arrive.
  18. The amount of money that a taxing body requires to be collected through the property tax system.
  19. The administrative fees incurred by individual members of a points club. Levies can encompass any charges the resort management may impose for use of a particular week.
  20. v.  ~ sth (on sb) collect (a payment, etc) by authority or force; impose sth
  21. The USDA defines levy as an import charge assessed by a country or group of countries not in accordance with a definite tariff schedule. The "variable import levy" of the European Community was an example. ...
  22. the seizure of property by the constable (physical custody by the constable is not usually taken) when a defendant has not paid a judgment awarded against him by the Court.
  23. An IRS levy is where taxpayer property is brought into the legal custody of the IRS through seizure, a levy being an absolute legal appropriation of the property being levied upon.
  24. This word is both noun and verb. A levy is an action (usually carried out by the local sheriff, but also sometimes by a federal marshall) that seizes property from a judgment debtor, i.e. ...
  25. For the Control of Pesticides Regulations, under section 18 of the Food and Environment Act 1985, as amended by the Pesticides (Fees and Enforcement) Act 1989, Ministers are empowered to recover costs of running the COPR pesticides scheme and for operating monitoring systems. ...