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lenses, plural;
  1. A piece of glass or other transparent substance with curved sides for concentrating or dispersing light rays, used singly (as in a magnifying glass) or with other lenses (as in a telescope)

  2. The light-gathering device of a camera, typically containing a group of compound lenses

  3. An object or device that focuses or otherwise modifies the direction of movement of light, sound, electrons, etc

  1. a transparent optical device used to converge or diverge transmitted light and to form images
  2. genus of small erect or climbing herbs with pinnate leaves and small inconspicuous white flowers and small flattened pods: lentils
  3. (metaphor) a channel through which something can be seen or understood; "the writer is the lens through which history can be seen"
  4. biconvex transparent body situated behind the iris in the eye; its role (along with the cornea) is to focuses light on the retina
  5. electronic equipment that uses a magnetic or electric field in order to focus a beam of electrons
  6. In geology a lens is a body of ore or rock or a deposit that is thick in the middle and thin at the edges, resembling a convex lens in cross-section. Adjective: "lenticular".
  7. In geometry, a lens is a shape comprising two circular arcs, joined at their endpoints. If the arcs have equal radii, it is called a symmetric lens. The corresponding shape is the lune. The Vesica piscis is one form of a symmetrical lens; the term is also used for lenses generally.
  8. A lens is an optical device with perfect or approximate axial symmetry which transmits and refracts light, converging or diverging the beam. A simple lens consists of a single optical element. ...
  9. Lens is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in northern France. It is one of France's large Picarde cities along with Lille, Valenciennes, Amiens, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Arras, and Douai.
  10. A camera lens (also known as photographic lens, objective lens or photographic objective) is an optical lens or assembly of lenses used in conjunction with a camera body and mechanism to make images of objects either on photographic film or on other media capable of storing an image chemically ...
  11. Lens is a municipality in the district of Sierre in the canton of Valais in Switzerland.
  12. An object, usually made of glass, that focuses or defocuses the light that passes through it; A device which focuses or defocuses electron beams; A convex shape bounded by two circular arcs, joined at their endpoints, the corresponding concave shape being a lune; A genus of the legume family; ...
  13. a taxonomic genus, within tribe Fabeae - the lentils
  14. (Lenses) A glass gas pump globe insert that fits into a globe body; usually decorated with the word "Gasoline," or an oil company logo or name.
  15. (Lenses) Most DSLRs have interchangeable lenses – you can take the lens of the front of the camera, and put on a different lens. Lenses are typically either primes (fixed focal lengths) or zooms (variable focal length), and go from extreme wide angles to extreme telephotos.
  16. (Lenses) Pages that are created to focus on specific subjects of interest. At Yaktivate we use Squidoo™, a publishing platform and community, for that purpose.
  17. (Lenses) Prescription or non-prescription devices set in frames.
  18. (Lenses) The lens of a camera is a curved piece of transparent glass that focuses images. However, modern camera lenses are not just made up of a single lens, but rather several lenses working together to capture an image.
  19. (Lenses) is also sometimes used to refer to framed eyepieces, although it is not common.
  20. (lenses) the glass part of eye glasses
  21. Lenses are devices that redirect light. In photography, lenses are used to focus an image for the film. Holographers use lenses to widen a laser's beam to illuminate all of the object being holographed.
  22. An optical device for focusing a desired scene onto the imaging device in a CCTV camera.
  23. A circular and transparent glass or plastic piece that has the function of collecting light and focusing it on the sensor to capture the image.
  24. Natural lens of eye; transparent intraocular tissue that helps bring rays of light to focus on the retina.
  25. A transparent optical component consisting of one or more pieces of optical glass with surfaces so curved (usually Spherical), that they serve to converge or diverge the transmitted rays of an object, thus forming a real or virtual image of that object.