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Free time,
  1. Free time

  2. Use of free time for enjoyment
    • - increased opportunities for leisure
    • - leisure activities
  3. Opportunity afforded by free time to do something
    • - writers with enough leisure to practice their art

  1. time available for ease and relaxation; "his job left him little leisure"
  2. freedom to choose a pastime or enjoyable activity; "he lacked the leisure for golf"
  3. (leisurely) at leisure: in an unhurried way or at one's convenience; "read the manual at your leisure"; "he traveled leisurely"
  4. Leisure or free time, is a period of time spent out of work and essential domestic activity. It is also the period of recreational and discretionary time before or after compulsory activities such as eating and sleeping, going to work or running a business, attending school and doing homework, ...
  5. Leisure is the debut album by English alternative rock band Blur. The album was released on 26 August 1991 in the United Kingdom, and peaked at #7 in the UK Albums Chart. It was released in the US a month later with a different track listing. The album was certified Gold in the UK.
  6. Slam pong is a form of beer pong. Unlike many other variants of beer pong, slam pong is a fast-moving game that retains some of the rules of table tennis but borrows inspiration from the rules and game play of volleyball. ...
  7. Leisure is a poem by Welsh poet William Henry Davies, appearing originally in his Songs Of Joy and Others, published in 1911 by A. C. Fifield.
  8. Freedom provided by the cessation of activities; Time free from work or duties
  9. (leisurely) Those of us who live in "advanced" capitalist societies seem to possess a great deal of "leisure time," and we're obsessed with "leisure activities"—but only because we're so exhausted. ...
  10. battery(ies):   The deep-cycle battery(ies) that powers the motorhome’s 12-volt DC electrical system, separate from the chassis. Powers the coach lights, water pump, furnace blower, vent fans, stereo, refrigerator (in 12-volt mode) and other house equipment. ...
  11. time free from work or other obligation. In the EMDW, average time available for leisure is increasing as income thresholds are more easily reached and as priorities change.
  12. is defined in the SLP as un-coerced, contextually framed activity engaged in during free time, which people want to do and, using their abilities and resources, actually do in either a satisfying or a fulfilling way (or both).
  13. Many, if not most, recreational skiers for whom skiing is less all-consuming passion or sport than it is just another form of active recreation.
  14. The group owns the Sestriere skiing facilities (being this village on Alps a creation of Agnelli family).
  15. time spent doing something you enjoy doing when not engaged in work or domestic activities
  16. time off (normally an adj, so add __time)
  17. Leisure is an essential part of life. At the Boutique Residence we have made certain that the wellbeing of our Residents is guaranteed in our exclusive Spa and tranquil pool greenery. ...
  18. A multidimensional construct in which one is relatively free from constraints, has feeling of positive affect, is motivated by internal forces, and  has a sense of perceived freedom (Edginton, Hanson, Edginton, & Hudson, 1995).
  19. Freedom or opportunity to do something. [1]
  20. John R. Kelly, University of Illinois, Champaign
  21. Entertainment, Recreation.
  22. An activity, or activities, which people find pleasurable and relaxing and do when they are not at work. It is usually conducted in a person's free time, where they have a greater sense of choice over.
  23. n. 1 free time; time at one's own disposal. 2 enjoyment of free time. 3 (usu. foll....
  24. pub booze, grog, piss stubbie esky footy barbie, BBQ BYO Bring a plate A bar; a hotel. Alcohol; beer; wine. ...