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(of handwriting or print) Clear enough to read,
  1. (of handwriting or print) Clear enough to read
    • - the original typescript is scarcely legible

  1. (of handwriting, print, etc.) capable of being read or deciphered; "legible handwriting"
  2. (legibility) discernability: distinctness that makes perception easy
  3. (legibility) a quality of writing (print or handwriting) that can be easily read
  4. (legibly) in a legible manner; "you must write legibly"
  5. Being clear enough to be read, readable, particularly for handwriting
  6. (legibility) The property that makes legible or easily readable
  7. (Legibility) (in terms of settlement patterns) Locations, streets, open spaces and places that have a clear image and are easy to understand. For example, a location that is easy to find your way around.
  8. (Legibility) The characteristics of letters, numbers, graphics, or symbols that make it possible to differentiate one from the other. See Conspicuity.
  9. (Legibility) refers to the simplicity and readability of letters. This means that good contrast should be given to the letters and the background.
  10. (Legibility) The ease with which a reader recognizes individual letter and character shapes. Letter Any drawn, written, printed, or typed character, lowercase or uppercase, that can be recognized as an allograph of the alphabet of any language.
  11. (Legibility) The ease with which text is read in ordinary, continuous reading, usually gauged by reading speed and error rate. Also, Readability.
  12. (Legibility) The extent to which people can understand the layout of a place and find their way, including cues from three-dimensional forms and patterns in the landscape.
  13. (legibility) Information on the food label is indelible, distinct, easy to read, prominent, in English and visible (FSANZ 2002).
  14. Legibility indicates how clear text is visually.
  15. refers to the ability to understand the order of a place and to find your way around in it.
  16. To say that syntactic structures must be legible at the semantics and phonetics interfaces is to say that the structures inputted to the semantic component of the grammar must contain only features which contribute to semantic interpretation, and that the structures inputted to the PF component ...
  17. Referring to type having sufficient contrast with its background so readers can easily perceive the characters, as compared to readable.
  18. Characteristic of copy having sufficient contrast with the paper on which it appears and determined by such features as typeface, size, leading, and quality of printing.
  19. How recognizable a short amount of text is.