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The quality or state of being in accordance with the law,
  1. The quality or state of being in accordance with the law
    • - documentation testifying to the legality of the arms sale
  2. Obligations imposed by law

  1. lawfulness by virtue of conformity to a legal statute
  2. The principle of legality is the legal ideal that requires all law to be clear, ascertainable and non-retrospective. ...
  3. (Legalities) The legal relationship between you and AER Snowboard & Ski School is governed by Swiss law. For complaints lodged against AER Snowboard & Ski School, Zermatt is agreed to be the place of jurisdiction.
  4. (Legalities) Self storage was born without a legal status. Because individual storage units are rented or leased and the facility operator does not assume "care, custody or control" of the goods stored, self storage is not a warehouse operation. ...
  5. (Legalities) While we do our best to contact you regarding changes to our products and policies, we will also post notices from to you on our website. 30 days after the notice is posted, we will consider the information delivered to you. ...
  6. Sites which provide instruction for threatening or violating the security of property or the privacy of people; also how to avoid complying with legally mandated duties and obligations. ...
  7. The quality or state of being legal or enforceable, observance of law, adherence to law, an obligation under law, or a matter directly related to law. Plural is legalities.
  8. If any part of this Legal Notice shall be deemed by a court of law to be unenforceable, unlawful or void, then that part shall be deemed severable from this legal notice but that any such severance shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining part or parts of this Legal Notice.
  9. In the absence of any formal contract setting out the terms of communicating by e-mail, it may be questioned in certain jurisdictions as to whether such communications are or will be legally admissible as evidence in any dispute without considerable supporting evidence as to checks having been ...
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