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leant, past participle; leans, 3rd person singular present; leaned, past participle; leant, past tense; leaned, past tense; leaning, present participle;
  1. (of a person or animal) Thin, esp. healthily so; having no superfluous fat
    • - his lean, muscular body
  2. (of meat) Containing little fat
    • - lean bacon
  3. (of an industry or company) Efficient and with no waste
    • - he made leaner government a campaign theme
  4. (of an activity or a period of time) Offering little reward, substance, or nourishment; meager
    • - the lean winter months
    • - keep a small reserve to tide you over the lean years
  5. (of a vaporized fuel mixture) Having a high proportion of air
    • - lean air-to-fuel ratios
  1. Be in or move into a sloping position
    • - he leaned back in his chair
  2. Incline from the perpendicular and rest for support on or against (something)
    • - a man was leaning against the wall
  3. Cause something to rest on or against
    • - he leaned his elbows on the table
  1. The lean part of meat

  1. thin: lacking excess flesh; "you can't be too rich or too thin"; "Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look"-Shakespeare
  2. tilt: the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical; "the tower had a pronounced tilt"; "the ship developed a list to starboard"; "he walked with a heavy inclination to the right"
  3. to incline or bend from a vertical position; "She leaned over the banister"
  4. cause to lean or incline; "He leaned his rifle against the wall"
  5. lacking in mineral content or combustible material; "lean ore"; "lean fuel"
  6. containing little excess; "a lean budget"; "a skimpy allowance"
  7. The use of wine tasting descriptors allow the taster an opportunity to put into words the aromas and flavors that they experience and can be used in assessing the overall quality of wine. ...
  8. To hang outwards; To press against; slim; not fleshy; having little fat; Having little extra or little to spare; Of a fuel-air mixture, having more air than is necessary to burn all of the fuel; more air- or oxygen- rich than necessary for a stoichiometric reaction
  9. Leanness means designing the system so that it has no extra parts (Wirth 1995, McConnell 1997). Voltaire said that a book is finished not when nothing more can be added but when nothing more can be taken away. ...
  10. Refers to carburetor setting. When an engine is run too lean it will overheat, causing damage, and likely an in flight engine failure. ...
  11. Lean wines are slim, rather streamlined wines that lack generosity and fatness but can still be enjoyable and pleasant.
  12. A not necessarily critical term used to describe wines made in an austere style. When used as a term of criticism, it indicates a wine is lacking in fruit.
  13. More body would be good, sort of thin in the mouth, often too much astringency, sometimes a compliment for certain styles.
  14. carburetor setting are called lean when the mixture of fuel and air are biased toward more air than would be used in the standard mixture.
  15. Degree and direction to which the tree leans from a perpendicular position (10).
  16. Lacking flesh and body. Not necessarily pejorative, as some types of wines are lean by nature.
  17. A move where the dancer’s feet are in contact with the floor. The dancer’s weight is supported by the partner with the top of his/her head not lower than the top of the support partners shoulders (relative to being the same height). ...
  18. Yet another synonym for 'acidic,' this one suggesting a light wine with sharp acidity, a good food wine.
  19. Business processes requiring less human effort, capital investment, floor space, materials, and time in all aspects of operation.
  20. Every good dog's response to the command "sit!", especially if your person is dressed for an evening out. Incredibly effective before black-tie events.
  21. Tasting term referring to a wine that has high acidity and not much fruit.
  22. Those from Texas already know what I'm talking about to a degree, but the term Lean in prison referred to Sucrettes. You could order the cough drops on canteen and then melt them down in your miniature crock-pot. ...
  23. Contains fewer than 10 grams of fat, less than 4 grams of saturated fat, and less than 95 mgs of cholesterol per serving and per 100 grams of meat, poultry, seafood or game meat.
  24. A deliberate tipping of the canoe as a maneuver in ferrying or to regain stability.
  25. business culture that evolved from TPS, TQM, six sigma, and many others; dedicated to continuously eliminating waste, reducing lead time, and improving the cash to cash cycle of an operations or organization