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leaflets, plural;
  1. Distribute leaflets to (people or an area)
    • - I won't be leafleting neighborhoods
    • - the union has leafleted, protested, and staged petition drives
  1. A printed sheet of paper, sometimes folded, containing information or advertising and usually distributed free

  2. Each of the leaflike structures that together make up a compound leaf, such as in the ash and horse chestnut

  3. (in general use) A young leaf

  1. cusp: a thin triangular flap of a heart valve
  2. part of a compound leaf
  3. booklet: a small book usually having a paper cover
  4. A leaflet in botany is a part of a compound leaf. A leaflet may resemble an entire leaf, but it is not borne on a stem as a leaf is, but rather on a vein of the whole leaf. Compound leaves are common in many plant families. For example, a tomato plant has compound leaves with leaflets.
  5. One of the components of a compound leaf; A small plant leaf; A small sheet of paper containing information, used for dissemination of said information, often an advertisement; A flap of a valve of a heart or blood vessel; To distribute leaflets to; To distribute leaflets
  6. (Leaflets) Our most popular range in 6 paper stocks from 100gsm to 170gsm.
  7. (Leaflets) The tissue flaps in a heart valve that open and close, allowing blood to move between the heart's four chambers.
  8. (Leaflets) Thin pieces of tissue or flaps that make up a valve.
  9. A leaflet usually consists of a printed sheet of paper not larger than international standard A4 in size. Leaflets are used to convey information and are commonly used by companies, organisations and individuals to advertise products, services, events and activities.
  10. Sheet of paper providing information, usually produced in large quantities. Standard publicity technique.
  11. A “leaflet” is commonly referred to as any piece of printed information about animal rights issues and/or concerns. Leaflets include fact sheets, guides, small booklets, brochures, and distributed without charge.
  12. a subdivision of a leaf - it may look like a leaf but is attached to the leaf stalk or midrib, not to the shoot.
  13. Smaller, "mini-leaf." Some leaves are made up of several leaflets.
  14. A small leaf that is part of a larger arrangement comprising a compound leaf, as is seen in schefflera.
  15. In the aortic valve, three tightly-fitting, triangular-shaped pieces of tissue (called leaflets) come together, opening to allow blood to pass through and closing to keep it flowing in one direction. ...
  16. A printed sheet that is printed, folded, and mailed as part of a direct mail campaign or handed to customers.
  17. Single sheet of paper, printed on one or both sides. May be folded once to create a 4-paged leaflet. Also taken to be 'Brochure' of upto 12 pages. See also 'Pamphlet'.
  18. thin, flattened structure; term used to describe the leaf-shaped structures that compose a heart valve
  19. small immature leaf,