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leaves, plural; leafs, plural;
  1. (of a plant, esp. a deciduous one in spring) Put out new leaves

  2. Turn over (the pages of a book or the papers in a pile), reading them quickly or casually
    • - he leafed through the stack of notes
  1. A flattened structure of a higher plant, typically green and bladelike, that is attached to a stem directly or via a stalk. Leaves are the main organs of photosynthesis and transpiration

  2. Any of a number of similar plant structures, e.g., bracts, sepals, and petals

  3. Foliage regarded collectively

  4. The state of having leaves
    • - the trees are still in leaf
  5. The leaves of tobacco or tea
    • - leaf tea
  6. A thing that resembles a leaf in being flat and thin, typically something that is one of two or more similar items forming a set or stack

  7. A single thickness of paper, esp. in a book with each side forming a page

  8. Gold, silver, or other specified metal in the form of very thin foil

  9. The hinged part or flap of a door, shutter, or table

  10. An extra section inserted to extend a table

  11. The inner or outer part of a cavity wall or double-glazed window

  12. Any of the stacked metal strips that form a leaf spring

  1. the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants
  2. flick: look through a book or other written material; "He thumbed through the report"; "She leafed through the volume"
  3. a sheet of any written or printed material (especially in a manuscript or book)
  4. turn over pages; "leaf through a book"; "leaf a manuscript"
  5. hinged or detachable flat section (as of a table or door)
  6. produce leaves, of plants
  7. In botany, a leaf is an above-ground plant organ specialized for photosynthesis. For this purpose, a leaf is typically flat (laminar) and thin. ...
  8. The verso is the "back" side and the recto the "front" side of a leaf of paper in a bound item such as a book, broadsheet, or pamphlet. Thus in languages written from left to right (like English), the recto is the right-hand page and the verso the left-hand page. ...
  9. The Nissan Leaf (also formatted "LEAF" as bacronym for Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) is a compact 5-door hatchback electric car to be produced by Nissan. According to the manufacturer, the Leaf's all-electric range is in city driving.
  10. Leaf was a Dutch band from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Their first single, Wonderwoman was released in October 2007.
  11. Leaf previously a division of Scitex and later Kodak, but now a part of Phase One Leaf manufactures high end (medium format) professional digital photography products. ...
  12. Leaf is a Japanese visual novel studio under the publisher Aquaplus, and has offices in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, and Tokyo. It and its competitor Key (to which it is often compared) are the most popular and successful dedicated visual novel studios operating today. ...
  13. The usually green and flat organ that represents the most prominent feature of most vegetative plants; Anything resembling the leaf of a plant; A sheet of any substance beaten or rolled until very thin; A sheet of a book, magazine, etc (consisting of two pages, one on each face of the leaf); ...
  14. (Leafs) Short form for leaf switch
  15. (Leaves) the external part of a plant attached to branches and stems for the purpose of taking in light from the sun's energy. They do this with chloroplasts in the cells which contain chlorophyll.
  16. Leaves provide the solar collection necessary for photosynthesis--the process whereby sunlight produces food and molecular building blocks necessary for plant survival. There is an enormous variety of leaf shape in nature but essentially they can be categorized into four general groups:
  17. (leaves) (in  angiosperm (plant): Leaves)
  18. (LEAVES) Profession or testimony of the church that shall be as a balm or medicine for healing the world.
  19. (Leaves) A nasty substitute for toilet paper.
  20. (Leaves) Refers to the fingers as used in a technique.
  21. (Leaves) Simple, alternate, and sharp-toothed are rough on top, and furry underneath., 5 to 15 cms long and dark grey/green throughout the year fading to a pale yellow before falling in autumn.
  22. (Leaves) The living, growing part of you. The part that is still vulnerable because of its newness, or outworn (depending on colour of leaf) part of your thinking or feeling. ...
  23. (Leaves) The sheets of paper that make up the book's contents.
  24. (Leaves) The teeth of the pinion gears.
  25. (Leaves) To dream about leaves signifies you need to prune out unneccesary areas of your life that might hinder the growth of your relationships. In a very literal sense, you need to do this before everyone you love 'leaves'