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Of or relating to North or South Korea or its people or language,
  1. Of or relating to North or South Korea or its people or language

  1. A native or national of North or South Korea, or a person of Korean descent

  2. The language of Korea, which has has its own writing system and may be distantly related to Japanese

  1. a native or inhabitant of Korea who speaks the Korean language
  2. of or relating to or characteristic of Korea or its people or language; "Korean handicrafts"
  3. the Altaic language spoken by Koreans
  4. (korea) an Asian peninsula (off Manchuria) separating the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan; the Korean name is Dae-Han-Min-Gook or Han-Gook
  5. Korean (/, see below) is the official language of Korea, both South and North. It is also one of the two official languages in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in China. There are about 78 million Korean speakers worldwide. ...
  6. (Koreá) Tucano (also Tukana, Tucana, Tukano, Dasea, Jurutí, Jurití, Yurutí, Tariana, Tariano, Koneá, Koreá, Patsoka, Wahyara; autonym: Dahseyé) is a Tucanoan language spoken in Amazonas, Brazil and Colombia.
  7. (Korea (Otwock County)) Korea is part of Sobienie Szlacheckie village, Gmina Sobienie-Jeziory. From 1975 to 1998 this place was in Siedlce Voivodeship.
  8. (The Koreans (band)) The Koreans were a four-piece indie rock band from London, England active between 1998 and 2004. Their music has featured in the HBO television series Entourage, The O.C. and the Juiced video game soundtrack .
  9. (The Koreans (book)) The Koreans: Who They Are, What They Want, Where Their Future Lies is a non-fiction book by journalist Michael Breen. It was first published in 2004 by St. Martin's Griffin publishers.
  10. Designation given to the indigenous or naturalized people occupying the Korean Peninsula on the Asian continent, in either North Korea or South Korea; of or relating to the Asian Peninsula comprising North Korea and South Korea; Official language of the people residing on the Korean Peninsula, ...
  11. (Koreanness) The quality or state of being Korean
  12. (Korea) Hapkido • Hankumdo • Hwa Rang Do • Subak • Ssireum • Taekkyeon • Taekwondo • Tang Soo Do
  13. (Korea) This is a place where the warrior can experience the finer points of Asian culture, like juicy bars and poon.
  14. (Korea) appearently a union of both North & South into one country.
  15. (Korea) has two belts of broken outcrops of strongly folded Lower Paleozoic limestones across its mountainous terrain. The smaller belt, in South Korea, contains a number of short caves, of which a high proportion are very well decorated with calcite and have been developed as tourist sites. ...
  16. (Korea) the low price relates to deals between the mills and large steel consumers. The high price refers to ex stock mill sales through selected outlets.
  17. (korea) lee jinoo on Fotopedia
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