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juices, plural;
  1. Extract the juice from (fruit or vegetables)
    • - juice one orange at a time
  2. Liven something up
    • - they juiced it up with some love interest
  3. Drunk

  1. The liquid obtained from or present in fruit or vegetables
    • - add the juice of a lemon
  2. A drink made from such a liquid
    • - a carton of orange juice
  3. Fluid secreted by the body, esp. in the stomach to help digest food

  4. The liquid that comes from meat or other food when cooked

  5. Electrical energy
    • - the batteries have run out of juice
  6. Gasoline
    • - he ran out of juice on the last lap
  7. Alcoholic drink

  8. A person's vitality or creative faculties
    • - it saps the creative juices

  1. the liquid part that can be extracted from plant or animal tissue by squeezing or cooking
  2. energetic vitality; "her creative juices were flowing"
  3. electric current; "when the wiring was finished they turned on the juice"
  4. any of several liquids of the body; "digestive juices"
  5. Juice is the liquid that is naturally contained in fruit or vegetable tissue.
  6. JUICE is a widely used non-commercial software package for editing and analysing phytosociological data.
  7. Juice is the multi-Platinum 1981 breakthrough album by American country-rock singer Juice Newton. The album was Newton's third solo album and her first major international success.
  8. Juice was an Australian underground funk metal band of the early to mid nineties.
  9. Juice is a 1992 crime drama film that stars rapper Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps. Additional cast members include Jermaine "Huggy" Hopkins, Khalil Kain, Samuel L. ...
  10. "Juice" is a single by New Zealand rock band Headless Chickens released in 1992. The single was originally titled "Dreamchild", having been written and performed by Fiona McDonald for the Strawpeople. When McDonald later joined the Headless Chickens, the song was reworked and renamed "Juice". ...
  11. A liquid from a plant, especially fruit; A beverage made of juice; Any liquid resembling juice; A soft drink; Electricity; Liquor; Political power; Petrol; gasoline; Steroids; Semen; The vaginal lubrication that a woman naturally produces when sexually aroused; Musical agreement ...
  12. (juiced) that has had the juice extracted; drunk; excited; : Of someone who is taking steroids
  13. (Juiced (adj.)) Extremely built or muscular, often through the use of steroids. Often known as a Juicehead.
  14. (Juiced) Bases loaded, or Barry Bonds.
  15. (Juices) Organic liquid contained in certain plant and animal structures, eg, plant sap.
  16. The bookmaker's commission, also known as vigorish or vig.
  17. Short for Fog Juice. See Smoke Machine.
  18. slang term for injectable steroids
  19. The commission the bookie earns.
  20. In an auction, the Juice is the buyer's commission rate--normally 10%. "What did you have to pay?" "Eleven grand plus the juice."
  21. the natural liquid extracted from fruits or vegetables
  22. Knowing the so-called right people in town. A person is said to have "juice" if he is well connected in the casino industry and as such, wields a lot of power.
  23. Cane juice comprises water with sugar and other dissolved substances, and some insoluble particles in suspension.
  24. Grating hipster term for wine, used especially in the San Francisco Bay area, where younger, ostensibly hipper Snobs in the wine trade think that, by referring to wine as such, they are demystifying it for a grateful audience of Francophobes and reg’lar folk who will feel less intimidated if ...
  25. Electricity. Juice fan is one who makes a hobby out of electric railways (juice lines)