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joined, past tense; joins, 3rd person singular present; joined, past participle; joining, present participle;
  1. Link; connect
    • - the tap was joined to a pipe
    • - join the paragraphs together
  2. Become linked or connected to
    • - where the River Drave joins the Danube
  3. Connect (points) with a line
    • - join up the points in a different color
  4. Unite to form one entity or group
    • - they joined up with local environmentalists
    • - countries join together to abolish restrictions on trade
  5. Become a member or employee of
    • - she joined the department last year
  6. Take part in
    • - I joined the demonstration
    • - I joined in and sang along
  7. Become a member of the armed forces
    • - her brothers joined up in 1914
  8. Come into the company of
    • - after the show we were joined by Jessica's sister
  9. Support (someone) in an activity
    • - I am sure you will join me in wishing him every success
  1. A place or line where two or more things are connected or fastened together

  1. articulation: the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made
  2. become part of; become a member of a group or organization; "He joined the Communist Party as a young man"
  3. cause to become joined or linked; "join these two parts so that they fit together"
  4. union: a set containing all and only the members of two or more given sets; "let C be the union of the sets A and B"
  5. come into the company of; "She joined him for a drink"
  6. make contact or come together; "The two roads join here"
  7. Joinder in criminal law is a legal term which refers to the inclusion of additional counts or additional defendants on an indictment. ...
  8. In mathematics, join and meet are dual binary operations on the elements of a partially ordered set. A join on a set is defined as the (necessarily unique) supremum (least upper bound) with respect to a partial order on the set, provided a supremum exists. ...
  9. Relational algebra, an offshoot of first-order logic (and of algebra of sets), deals with a set of finitary relations (see also relation (database)) which is closed under certain operators. These operators operate on one or more relations to yield a relation. ...
  10. A SQL JOIN clause combines records from two or more tables in a database. It creates a set that can be saved as a table or used as is. A JOIN is a means for combining fields from two tables by using values common to each. ...
  11. In topology, a field of mathematics, the join of two topological spaces A and B, often denoted by , is defined to be the quotient space
  12. join is a command in Unix-like operating systems that merges the lines of two sorted text files based on the presence of a common field. It is similar to the join operator used in relational databases but operating on text files.
  13. An intersection of piping or wiring; an interconnect; An intersection of data in two or more database tables; The lowest upper bound, an operation between pairs of elements in a lattice, denoted by the symbol ∨; To combine more than one item into one; to put together; To come together; to meet ...
  14. (joining) The act or result of joining; a joint or juncture
  15. (Joined) Method of furniture construction using mortice and tenon joints secured by pegs or dowels without glue. Became widespread in the 15th C until the end of the 17th C.
  16. (Joined) 1975 (in the PBA, been active since 1971)
  17. (Joined) Saturday, 29 September 2007
  18. (Joined) Term used to  describe furniture made by a joiner.
  19. (Joined) [to his wife…] (NT:4347).
  20. (10. Joining) adding together a piece of a knitted project and a yarn; it is also merging two yarns together
  21. (Joining) Bonded Joints: Surface Preparation and Adhesive Selection, Wettability and Bonding, Configurations, Single-lap, Double-lap, Stepped-lap, Scarf Joints Mechanically Fastened Joints: Fastener Selection, Hole Preparation, Lay-up and Stacking Sequence, Joint Dimensions, Design Considerations
  22. (Joining) Having the same reaction as your partner is a way to avoid tilting the balance. Joining is not working well together.
  23. (Joining) The process of fusing aluminum to other metal mediums through welding
  24. (Joining) the placing of rams with ewes for mating (see tupping).
  25. (Joining) up is a big opportunity - and challenge - in the world of social media and networking. On the one hand links, tags and feeds - together with the spirit of openness - means content in different places can be brought together (aggregated). ...