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items, plural;
  1. An individual article or unit, esp. one that is part of a list, collection, or set
    • - the items on the agenda
    • - an item of clothing
  2. A piece of news or information

  3. An entry in an account

  1. Used to introduce each item in a list
    • - item two statute books … item two drums

  1. (used when listing or enumerating items) also; "a length of chain, item a hook"-Philip Guedalla
  2. a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list; "he noticed an item in the New York Times"; "she had several items on her shopping list"; "the main point on the agenda was taken up first"
  3. detail: a small part that can be considered separately from the whole; "it was perfect in all details"
  4. a whole individual unit; especially when included in a list or collection; "they reduced the price on many items"
  5. token: an individual instance of a type of symbol; "the word`error' contains three tokens of `r'"
  6. ITeM stands for the Instituto del Tercer Mundo (or the Third World Institute) which is based in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.
  7. Item is the first release of Onetwo, and also the first release on the There(There) label. It contains five songs; the last song is a reprise of the first track, "Sister".
  8. In pencil and paper games and computer and video games, an item is an object within the game world that can be collected by a player- or, occasionally, a non-player character. These items are sometimes called "pick-ups".
  9. The Item, formerly known as The Sumter Daily Item and The Daily Item is an independent daily newspaper published in Sumter, SC.
  10. (The Items (W.I.T.C.H.)) The items of the planets are one of the main points in the comic W.I.T.C.H. and the animated series of the same name. The most seen item is the Heart of Kandrakar because it is the main power source of the Guardians, the protagonists of the W.I.T.C.H. ...
  11. A distinct physical object; A line of text having a legal or semantic meaning; A matter for discussion in an agenda; Two people who are having a relationship with each other; A question on a test, which may include its answers
  12. (Items) fussing, mutter, rascal (How to add vocabulary)
  13. (13 items) MEET THE CANDIDATES: Q&As...
  14. (86 ITEMS) A term used when the kitchen runs out of an item. (E.g. we are "86" fried cheese .)
  15. (A Items) An item that, according to an ABC classification, belongs to a small group of products that represents around 75-80% of the annual demand, usage or production volume, in monetary terms, but only some 15-20% of the inventory items. ...
  16. (Items) (5) Select the Item from the category you selected, in this case broadswords, clicking on the item does not highlight it.
  17. (Items) Found during the ordering process, this column lists each component of the opportunity being ordered. Clicking on the component item link will display the Items Details Page. This page lists each document, the number of pages and available formats.
  18. (Items) Magic may also come in the form of items imbued with power, such as the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. These are often created by powerful sorcerors and exter-dimensional entities and vary in function and power.
  19. (Items) Note: All prices in US Dollars
  20. (Items) Pesticide Spray, First Aid Spray
  21. (Items) Recommendations on which items you should get at which level and hints on how to complete the appropriate quests are part of the EverQuest 2 Templar manual as well.
  22. (Items) This returns a nested list of [name,value] pairs, i.e. [ [name,value], [otherName, otherValue], ... ] etc. This is particularly handy for iterating through dicts in |For loops, or creating value lists thus: |2vl ( #Keys ( _dict ) ) - will return a ¶ separated list from the keys of the dict.
  23. (Items) This user has no items. (View All Items)
  24. (Items) are carryable objects as the player perceives them in the game world -- they have a perceived lifetime that is usually greater than the lifetime of their underlying data representations.
  25. (Items) in the testing world, individual questions and answers in a testing bank or paper are known as items.