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Communication or dealings between individuals or groups,
  1. Communication or dealings between individuals or groups
    • - everyday social intercourse

  1. communication between individuals
  2. sexual intercourse: the act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman; the man's penis is inserted into the woman's vagina and excited until orgasm and ejaculation occur
  3. Intercourse is an album released by The Tokens in 1971. This album in now available on audio CD from BT Puppy Records.
  4. Intercourse (1987, ISBN 0-684-83239-9) is a radical feminist analysis of sexual intercourse in literature and society, written by Andrea Dworkin. ...
  5. Intercourse is the second (and to date last) studio album by English dance music act S'Express. For this release, S'Express was basically Mark Moore and Sonique with a variety of guest vocalists and musicians. ...
  6. InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook is a 1997 cookbook, written by Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge with photography by Ben Fink, and published by Terrace Publishing. ...
  7. Communication, conversation; Dealings between countries; Dealings with people, including commerce and trade; sexual intercourse
  8. is when something (a dick, finger, dildo, cucumber, whatever) penetrates your butt, which is ANAL SEX, or your vagina, which is VAGINAL SEX. Both women and men can enjoy anal intercourse.
  9. in a dream is asking you to get intimately in touch with your male side if you are having sex with a man or your female side if with a woman. We all have male and female aspects to ourselves which have their own unique traits. ...
  10. Communication; commerce; connexion by reciprocal dealings between persons or nations, as by interchange of commodities, treaties, contracts, or letters.
  11. (1) I-C. (2) (2h)[V], POs ><, FOs away, DH bounces on top of NDH. For a QuickTime movie of this sign, see ASL browser - intercourse. (3) [S] is held in FS position and twists to [X], PO towards. (4) Thumbside of [X] touches temple and then chin. ...