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instructors, plural;
  1. A person who teaches something
    • - a driving instructor
  2. A college teacher ranking below assistant professor

  1. teacher: a person whose occupation is teaching
  2. The Instructor was an official periodical of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) between 1930 and 1970, during which It was the official organ of the LDS Church's Sunday School auxiliary.
  3. One who instructs; a teacher
  4. (INSTRUCTOR S) John Lorenz, Geoflight LLC, Edgewood, NM; Ahmed Ouenes, Prism Seismic, Greenwood Village, CO; Scott Cooper, Cooper Geological Consulting LLC, Tijeras, NM
  5. (Instructors) An individual who teaches and instructs a particular hobby, skill or activity in which active participation is encouraged. See also Instructors.
  6. (Instructors) Some camps have staff that work only in certain activity areas, but do not live and eat with the campers.  Examples of these staff members include the tennis pro, the riding instructor, and the swimming coach.  We refer to these specialized staff members as "instructors". ...
  7. (Instructors) the number of unique instructors (an instructor that has a unique UID) joined to the account who have a non-QuickSubmit class that was active during the selected time range or who have signed in during the selected time range
  8. (instructors (also tutors)) Specialists in learning who interact through technology with students as they learn content, usually designed by course team, though quite often by the instructors themselves.
  9. The person who teaches, trains or instructs an individual or a group of people.
  10. A person who helps prepare asprirants to learn the Knowledge techniques.
  11. Someone who has held a USPA jumpmaster rating for at least one year and passed an Instructor Certification Course.
  12. Person who tells you when you're screwing up.
  13. A nontenured teacher at a school. See Tenure.
  14. n. A person with the qualifications to teach others about climbing and climbing safety. (not climbing specific)
  15. The faculty member responsible for a course is listed with last name and first initial. "The Staff" indicates that an instructor was not assigned as of publication.
  16. An instructor is often someone who is teaching at a college or university but who does not have a PhD. They often, however, have quite a bit of experience in their fields and are otherwise very qualified. ...
  17. An individual who gives knowledge or information to learners in a systematic manner by presenting information, directing structured leaning experiences, and managing group discussions and activities.
  18. Faculty or instructors in participating departments/colleges may use SEEQ to gain student feedback on their courses and teaching. Faculty may also voluntarily use SEEQ in their courses. ...
  19. The instructor is the person who will be teaching this particular course (e.g, John Smith).
  20. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Larry Lesser (rhymes with “professor”, spelled like “<”)
  21. An appointment requiring a master's degree, or a bachelor's degree and equivalent professional qualifications. Such appointments entail full responsibility for teaching undergraduate courses, with limited or no responsibility for advising, research, and service. ...
  22. Dr. Perla Myers                                                            Office: Serra Hall 133C
  23. Shirley Pomponi, PhD. (Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution)
  24. A person who facilitates skill transfer or development to participants in order that they may act independently or with minimal supervision. ...
  25. is the second highest level of Ranger Grades, and is reserved for those people who choose not to test for Expert Ranger. ...