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  1. episode: a part of a broadcast serial
  2. installation: the act of installing something (as equipment); "the telephone installation took only a few minutes"
  3. Alternative spelling of installment; Standard spelling for all senses
  4. (7 INSTALMENTS) Where Goods are ordered for delivery by instalments, each instalment shall be deemed to be a separate Contract, but all payments for each delivery by instalments shall be made on the due date pursuant to Clause 5 hereof as a condition precedent to future deliveries. ...
  5. (INSTALMENTS) Weekly or monthly repayments made to pay off goods bought on credit or to pay off a loan taken out to buy them.
  6. (Instalments) If your premium is arranged by instalments a credit agreement or payment plan is issued. Your attention is drawn to the terms and conditions of the agreement or payment plan as charges are made for interest and administration.
  7. (Instalments) When investors purchase shares, listed property trusts and exchange traded funds by making a part payment upfront and a final payment (or second instalment) at a later date.
  8. means each individual, 36 monthly or 78 biweekly payment instalment in the amount noted in the Online Lending System which a Borrower is subject to under the Loan Agreement.
  9. An instalment is one of a successive number of payments in the settlement of a debt. The frequency of mortgage instalments is usually monthly.
  10. Means the monthly payment amount.
  11. The regular payment that a borrower agrees to make to a lender.
  12. A partial payment of a tax debt. The debt is divided into parts that are paid at different times within a certain period.
  13. repayment or rental. Top