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inspectors, plural;
  1. An official employed to ensure that official regulations are obeyed, esp. in public services
    • - a prison inspector
  2. An official who examines bus or train tickets to check that they are valid

  3. A police officer ranking below a superintendent or police chief
    • - Inspector Simmons

  1. a high ranking police officer
  2. examiner: an investigator who observes carefully; "the examiner searched for clues"
  3. Inspector is both a police rank and an administrative position, both used in a number of contexts. However, it is not an equivalent rank in each police force.
  4. Inspector is a 1970 Bollywood action thriller about an Indian terrorist who attempts to release a poisonous gas into the atmosphere. Directed by Chand, the film stars Helen and Joy Mukherjee.
  5. The Inspector Guardian is one of the 16 role variants of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, a self-assessed personality questionnaire designed to help people better understand themselves. ...
  6. The Inspector is a series of 1960s theatrical cartoons produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises and released through United Artists.
  7. The Inspector is a 1962 Drama directed by Philip Dunne, starring Stephen Boyd & Dolores Hart. Dolores Hart plays Lisa Held, a Dutch Jewish girl who has survived the horror of Auschwitz.
  8. (Inspectors) In a maintenance sense the term refers to the nominated person(s) that has primary responsibility for maintenance tasks.  Inspectors can be members of the maintenance department or any other department (machine operators, drivers, security officers, custodians, etc).
  9. (Inspectors) Men who examine and test the structure or machinery in order to ascertain if it meets the contract requirements.
  10. (Inspectors) specific panels which allow you to make changes to the attributes of selected objects or text.
  11. Any person charged with the task of making a physical examination of a person, document or other thing. Could be employed by a government body (i.e. an electrical inspector, fire inspector) or by a potential purchaser (a home inspector).
  12. A person hired to examine any system or component of a building in accordance with these Standards of Practice.
  13. An insurance company employee who examines physical risks and reports on them for underwriting purposes. In some companies this is done by the Special Agent or Field Representative.
  14. Inspectors are appointed by creditors to represent them before the trustee during the administration of proposals and bankruptcies. They are expected to assist the trustee by virtue of their experience and are required to supervise certain aspects of the trustee’s administration.
  15. The precinct officer in charge of recruiting the remaining precinct board members; attending training class; receiving the official ballots and supplies (and in some cases the Accu-Vote) at class and taking the supplies to the polling place on election morning.
  16. A tool that allows a developer to view and modify the internals of an object.
  17. a person who has been trained by an approved training course provider and licensed to conduct lead inspections. A licensed inspector also samples for the presence of lead in dust and soil for the purposes of abatement clearance testing. See 410 IAC 32-1-41.
  18. a person who is designated as an inspector pursuant to Section 17 of the Fish Inspection Act.
  19. In prerevolutionary Paris, a police official in charge of maintaining a district of the city, under a commissaire; an inspector usually had some particular specialty in city administration and/or regulation, not necessarily related to crime or investigation. ...
  20. means any person employed by the Department who is authorized to perform a function under the Act and the regulations in 9 CFR parts 1, 2, and 3.
  21. Person appointed by the Government (Department of Mines) under the mining regulations. His/Her duties include the making of examinations of the mine to ascertain whether the regulations relating to the operations are being observed.
  22. Any person retained or used by a certifying agent to conduct inspections of certification applicants or certified production or handling operations.
  23. Inspects, audits, and reports on materials, processes, and products using variable or attribute measuring instruments and techniques to ensure conformance with the company’s quality standards.
  24. A person assigned to determine the quantity and/or the quality of a commodity.
  25. A window giving access to characteristics of a selected object, e.g. the formatting of a paragraph in a word processor. (Image shows text inspector from Pages)