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inquests, plural;
  1. A judicial inquiry to ascertain the facts relating to an incident, such as a death

  1. an inquiry into the cause of an unexpected death
  2. An inquest is a judicial investigation in common law jurisdictions, conducted by a judge, jury, or government official. ...
  3. InQuest Gamer is a discontinued monthly magazine for game reviews and news that was published from 1995 to 2007. Originally, the magazine was named InQuest and focused solely on collectible card games (CCGs); InQuest, along with its competitor Scrye, were the two major CCG magazines. ...
  4. Inquest is a 1931 British crime film directed by G.B. Samuelson and starring Campbell Gullan, Mary Glynne, Haddon Mason and Sidney Morgan. It was based on a play by Michael Barringer, which was adapted for a film again in 1939.
  5. Inquest is a 1939 British crime film directed by Ray Boulting and starring Elizabeth Allen, Herbert Lomas, Hay Petrie and Barbara Everest. A young widow is accused of murder, and enlists the support of a King's Counsel to help prove her innocence. ...
  6. Inquests in England and Wales are held into sudden and unexplained deaths and also into the circumstances of discovery of a certain class of valuable artefacts known as "treasure trove". Inquests are the responsibility of the coroner.
  7. Inquest is a 1931 British mystery play written by Michael Barringer. It was first staged as the Windmill Theatre's first performance in 1931, and was later adapted into films in 1931 and 1939.
  8. A formal investigation, often held before a jury, especially one into the cause of a death; The jury hearing such an enquiry, and the result of the enquiry
  9. a proceeding which usually is a limited non-jury trial for the purpose of fixing the amount of damages where the plaintiff or defendant alone introduces testimony.
  10. A legal inquiry (investigation) in a court or before court officers authorized to hold inquiries, usually to figure out the cause and circumstances of a death.
  11. An official inquiry, sometimes before a jury, to determine the cause of death.
  12. To dream of an inquest, foretells you will be unfortunate in your friendships.
  13. The court proceedings through which the coroner investigates the death of any person who dies in suspicious circumstances
  14. A formal Coroner's Court hearing to determine the circumstances of an examinable or reportable death.
  15. A one-sided court proceeding that allows a party to present his or her case to the judge with out the opponent present. A party may conduct an inquest if the opposing party fails to appear in court as instructed.
  16. An inquiry held by a coroner or medical examiner regarding the death of a person who died in circumstances set out in the Coroner's Act.
  17. An inquiry by a coroner into the manner of death in a possible
  18. A proceeding in the Family Court where the respondent, after having been provided due notice, fails to appear, and the petitioner alone introduce testimony.
  19. When there is a shortfall of funds to meet all liabilities.
  20. inquisition, investigation, probe, analysis, examination, experiment, inquiry, study, exploration, groundwork, quest