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inmates, plural;
  1. A person confined to an institution such as a prison or hospital

  2. One of several occupants of a house

  1. one of several resident of a dwelling (especially someone confined to a prison or hospital)
  2. inpatient: a patient who is residing in the hospital where he is being treated
  3. convict: a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison
  4. The Inmates are a British garage rock/pub rock band formed after the split up of The Flying Tigers in 1977. In the early 1980s they had a medium sized international hit with a cover of The Standells' "Dirty Water" and a UK top 40 hit with "The Walk". ...
  5. A person confined to an institution such as a prison (as a convict) or hospital (as a patient); A person who occupies or dwells within a dwelling-house. ...
  6. (Inmates) We may disclose medical information about you to a correctional institution or law enforcement official who has custody of you.
  7. An individual sentenced to a term of at least one year and a day or more of incarceration within a Department of Corrections institution.
  8. A person incarcerated in, or otherwise confined to, a correctional institution.
  9. An individual remanded to the custody of a local, county, state, or federal correctional facility, including jails and prisons.
  10. Considered a derogatory term by some prisoners. Used by guards and administrators, or some inmates who are fish (first-timers and new arrivals who don't know the lingo yet) oppose to convict.
  11. a lodger; see also 'byfire'.