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Harmed, damaged, or impaired,
  1. Harmed, damaged, or impaired
    • - a road accident left him severely injured
  2. Offended
    • - his injured pride

  1. harmed; "injured soldiers"; "injured feelings"
  2. (injure) cause injuries or bodily harm to
  3. (injure) hurt: hurt the feelings of; "She hurt me when she did not include me among her guests"; "This remark really bruised my ego"
  4. (injure) hurt: cause damage or affect negatively; "Our business was hurt by the new competition"
  5. (injury) any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
  6. (injury) an accident that results in physical damage or hurt
  7. Trauma or injury refers to any body damage due to a due a physical impact or accident. The degree of injury may range from mild to life and limb threatening.
  8. (The Injury) "The Injury" is the twelfth episode of the second season of the American comedy television series The Office—the show's eighteenth episode overall. ...
  9. (injure) To wound or cause physical harm to a living creature; To damage or impair; To do injustice to
  10. (injury) Any damage or violation of, the person, character, feelings, rights, property, or interests of an individual; that which injures, or occasions wrong, loss, damage, or detriment; harm; hurt; loss; mischief; wrong; evil; as, his health was impaired by a severe injury; slander is an injury ...
  11. (Injure) means any intentional or negligent act, including various tree climbing practices, spiking, trimming, flush cutting, incursion into a designated root save area, and the use of climbing spurs or gaffs on trees not subject to removal that exposes the cambium of a tree to insects or decay ...
  12. (injure) (2h)[1], POs > signer, FOs ><, come together. Note they do not twist as in HURT.
  13. (injure) (v) açıtırģa, buzarģa
  14. (Injury) harm or hurt, the term "injury" may be applied in medicine to damage inflicted upon oneself as in a hamstring injury or by an external agent on as in a cold injury. The injury may be accidental or deliberate, as with a needlestick injury. ...
  15. (Injury) is commonly defined as a bodily injury caused solely and directly by violent, accidental, visible and ecternal means, during your period of cover and which does not result from any illness, sickness or disease
  16. (Injury) An observable or measurable adverse change including destruction, loss, and loss of use-in a natural resource or impairment of a natural resource service.
  17. Accidental bodily injury that occurs while a policy is in force.
  18. (Injury) To dream of an injury being done you, signifies that an unfortunate occurrence will soon grieve and vex you. See Hurt.
  19. accidental bodily injury resulting from an accident
  20. (Injury) damage to a property or to a person.
  21. (Injury) results from the acute exposure to physical agents such as mechanical energy, heat, electricity, chemicals and ionizing radiation in amounts or at rates above the threshold for human tolerance
  22. (Injury) The plaintiff must have suffered or imminently will suffer injury - an invasion of a legally protected interest which is concrete and particularized. The injury must be actual or imminent, distinct and palpable, not abstract. This injury could be economic as well as non-economic.
  23. Bodily injury caused by an Accident; this includes related conditions and recurrent symptoms of such an Injury.
  24. (Injury) is physical harm or damage to the body resulting from an exchange, usually acute, of mechanical, chemical, thermal, or other environmental energy that exceeds the body’s tolerance.
  25. (Injury) A claim of wrong or damage , either to a person’s rights, reputation or property (real or personal) for which the claimant seeks relief or reimbursement.