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  1. the quality of being unavoidable
  2. (inevitable) an unavoidable event; "don't argue with the inevitable"
  3. (Inevitable (Game)) In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, inevitables are extraplanar magical constructs.
  4. (Inevitable (song)) "Inevitable" (English: Inevitable) is a Latin rock song written and performed by Colombian-born singer Shakira, released as the third single from her 1998 multi-platinum album Dónde Están los Ladrones?.
  5. (inevitable) Something that is predictable, or cannot be avoided; impossible to avoid or prevent; predictable, or always happening
  6. (inevitable) adj.  that cannot be avoided; that is sure to happen
  7. (Inevitable) Intolerable pain or bleeding with opening of the cervix, indicating that the foetus will be lost.
  8. (inevitable) In the Course, most of the numerous occurrences (61) of this word refer to the inevitable consequences of believing in the separation, the ego, fear, sin and guilt. The first quotation below is representative of these references. ...
  9. (inevitable) bolmay qalmazlıq, tıyılmazlıq
  10. (inevitable) qokhum yuz beridighan