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in general wordnet sense
  1. generally: without distinction of one from others; "he is interested in snakes in general"
  2. The language of mathematics has a vast vocabulary of specialist and technical terms. It also has a certain amount of jargon: commonly used phrases which are part of the culture of mathematics, rather than of the subject. ...
  3. for a n-dimensional simple magic hypercube S = m(m^n+1)/2.
  4. A rabbit's life is simple, living at a warren, occasionally wandering, scouting, fighting, and raiding a garden. They play, tell stories, and from time to time, have adventures of their own.
  5. relating to or including all members
  6. In a context not requiring rigor, this phrase often appears as a labor-saving device when the technical details of a complete argument would outweigh the conceptual benefits. ...
  7. GateTrade's representatives and/or employees are not authorized to vary the terms of this Agreement. This Agreement may be modified only (1) by obtaining GateTrade's written consent in a notarized agreement signed by an authorized agent of GateTrade; or (2) as set forth below in subpart (b).
  8. a mental act apprehending some note or formal object of a thing in which the mind attends to this note and does not attend to other notes naturally present in the same concrete object of perception. ...
  9. refund of a payment.