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impinged, past participle; impinges, 3rd person singular present; impinging, present participle; impinged, past tense;
  1. Have an effect or impact, esp. a negative one
    • - Nora was determined that the tragedy would impinge as little as possible on Constance's life
  2. Advance over an area belonging to someone or something else; encroach
    • - the site impinges on a greenbelt area
  3. Strike
    • - the gases impinge on the surface of the liquid

  1. impinge or infringe upon; "This impinges on my rights as an individual"; "This matter entrenches on other domains"
  2. encroach: advance beyond the usual limit
  3. (impingement) influencing strongly; "they resented the impingement of American values on European culture"
  4. (impingement) a sharp collision produced by striking or dashing against something
  5. (impinging) contact: the physical coming together of two or more things; "contact with the pier scraped paint from the hull"
  6. To make a physical impact (on); to collide, to crash (upon); To interfere with; to encroach (on, upon); To have an effect upon; to limit
  7. (Impingement) An encroachment on the space occupied by soft tissue, such as nerve or muscle. In this text, impingement refers to nerve irritation (i.e., from pressure or friction) associated with muscles.
  8. (Impingement) the process by which particles are removed from the airstream by their inertia causing them to impact upon a filter’s fibre or other collection surface.
  9. (impingement) a term often used, when referring to the shoulder, to describe the concept of pathologic pressure on the rotator cuff from part of the shoulder blade (scapula) as the arm is lifted
  10. (IMPINGEMENT) A technique of mixing through high velocity contact of the two streams.
  11. (IMPINGEMENT) High-velocity flow of water or gas over a metal surface, causing premature failure by abrasion.
  12. (IMPINGEMENT) Two surfaces rubbing together that usually don't. Gives a greater range of movement than normal.
  13. (Impingement) Direct impact of a particle or liquid upon the filter medium.
  14. (Impingement) Fishes and other large organisms can be killed, injured, or weakened if they get trapped or pinned by the filters or screens or other parts of a cooling water intake structure
  15. (Impingement) Occurs when an entrapped fish is held in contact with the intake screen and is unable to free itself.
  16. (Impingement) Pinning of larger marine organisms on the screen mesh as water is drawn into the intake system.
  17. (Impingement) The striking of a protected surface by water droplets issuing directly from a water spray nozzle.
  18. (impingement) A process resulting in a continuing succession of impacts between liquid or solid particles and a solid surface.
  19. (impingement) when organisms are drawn against the intake trash rack or screen and held by the force of the water current.
  20. hanging device for a playful elf's door
  21. (v) - infringe, touch, collide with
  22. To collide or strike.