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Not influenced by, showing, or involving personal feelings,
  1. Not influenced by, showing, or involving personal feelings
    • - the impersonal march of progress
  2. (of a place or organization) Large, featureless, and anonymous
    • - large, impersonal institutions
  3. Not betraying any personal information about the user or subject
    • - the room was bare, cramped, and impersonal
  4. Not existing as a person; having no personality
    • - he gradually came to believe in an impersonal God
  5. (of a verb) Used only with a formal subject (in English usually it) and expressing an action not attributable to a definite subject (as in it is snowing)

  1. not relating to or responsive to individual persons; "an impersonal corporation"; "an impersonal remark"
  2. having no personal preference; "impersonal criticism"; "a neutral observer"
  3. not personal; not representing a person; not having personality; Lacking warmth or emotion; cold; not having a subject, or having a third person pronoun without an antecedent
  4. lacking characteristics or a Personality aspect, the Buddhist shunyata or Advaitin nirguna brahman
  5. living life from the reference point of the Soul, not the ego; moving beyond the ego-personality focus into a larger view of Reality/Illusion. To the ego this may seem cold and indifferent. Yet, it is the height of compassion because it takes into account the Big Picture. (see Big Picture)
  6. Conflicts individuals encounter with a nonresponsive, impersonal entity (e.g., a bureaucratic organization).  The individual may experience feelings of powerlessness and frustration. ...
  7. Not relating to a ‘person’ (in the grammatical sense – see ‘person’)