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illnesses, plural;
  1. A disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind
    • - he died after a long illness
    • - I've never missed a day's work through illness

  1. impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism
  2. (`ill' is often used as a combining form) in a poor or improper or unsatisfactory manner; not well; "he was ill prepared"; "it ill befits a man to betray old friends"; "the car runs badly"; "he performed badly on the exam"; "the team played poorly"; "ill-fitting clothes"; "an ill-conceived plan"
  3. (ill) affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function; "ill from the monotony of his suffering"
  4. (ill) ailment: an often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining
  5. (ill) resulting in suffering or adversity; "ill effects"; "it's an ill wind that blows no good"
  6. (ill) unfavorably or with disapproval; "tried not to speak ill of the dead"; "thought badly of him for his lack of concern"
  7. Illness (sometimes referred to as ill-health or ailment) is a state of poor health. Illness is sometimes considered a synonym for disease. Others maintain that fine distinctions exist. Some have described illness as the subjective perception by a patient of an objectively defined disease.
  8. (Ill.) Illinois , is the fifth-most populous state of the United States of America, and is often noted for being a microcosm of the entire country. ...
  9. (Ill (Daria episode)) This is a list of episodes for the MTV animated series Daria.
  10. (Ill (trigraph)) A trigraph (from the τρεῖς, treîs, "three" and γράφω, gráphō, "write") is a group of three letters used to represent a single sound or a combination of sounds that does not correspond to the written letters combined. ...
  11. An instance of a disease or poor health; A state of bad health or disease
  12. (ill) Trouble; distress; misfortune; adversity; Harm or injury; Evil; moral wrongfulness; A physical ailment; an illness; Unfavorable remarks or opinions; PCP, phencyclidine; Evil; wicked (of people). [13th-19th c.]; Morally reprehensible (of behaviour etc.); blameworthy. [from 13th c. ...
  13. (Illnesses) Absences will be excused from school as described in the AHS student handbook. Do not schedule doctor appointments during any rehearsal or performances. Students who miss any rehearsals are in jeopardy of losing their drill spot.
  14. (Illnesses) In general, men suffer from many of the same illnesses as women. In comparison to women, men suffer from slightly more illnesses. Male life expectancy is slightly lower than female life expectancy, although the difference has narrowed in recent years.
  15. (Illnesses) are likely to occur if you dream of a butcher, especially if you see him cutting up meet.
  16. Chronic illnesses and disabilities
  17. (ILL) Interlibrary loan. One library lends library material to another library for its patrons to use.
  18. (ILL) An abbreviation for Interlibrary Loan, a service allowing users to obtain materials from non-UK libraries.
  19. (ILL) If a library does not have or subscribe to a book or journal article (in paper), it can borrow a copy, by reciprocal arrangement, from a cooperating library that does. ...
  20. (ILL) Inter-Library Loan.  Parents of gifted children will find their budget appreciates this method of borrowing books not normally available at their local library
  21. (ILL) Stands for Inter Library Loans; if we don't have an item you need, we may be able to borrow it from another library.
  22. (ILL) The international protocol for interlibrary loan. There are two parts, a service definition (ISO 10160), which defines the ILL services made available to applications using the protocol, and a protocol specification (ISO 10161), which specifies the content of protocol messages and ...
  23. (ILL) interlibrary loan; intermediate lymphocytic lymphoma
  24. (Ill) The common abbreviation for Illinois.
  25. (Ill) sick, angry. "I wouldn't say nothing to her if I was you-she sure is ill about something. She bit my head off as soon as I stepped in the kitchen."