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Satisfying one's conception of what is perfect; most suitable,
  1. Satisfying one's conception of what is perfect; most suitable
    • - the swimming pool is ideal for a quick dip
    • - this is an ideal opportunity to save money
  2. Existing only in the imagination; desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality
    • - in an ideal world, we might have made a different decision
  3. Representing an abstract or hypothetical optimum
    • - mathematical modeling can determine theoretically ideal conditions
  1. A person or thing regarded as perfect
    • - you're my ideal of how a man should be
  2. A standard of perfection; a principle to be aimed at
    • - tolerance and freedom, the liberal ideals

  1. conforming to an ultimate standard of perfection or excellence; embodying an ideal
  2. the idea of something that is perfect; something that one hopes to attain
  3. constituting or existing only in the form of an idea or mental image or conception; "a poem or essay may be typical of its period in idea or ideal content"
  4. model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal
  5. of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of the reality of ideas
  6. (ideally) in an ideal manner; "ideally, this will remove all problems"
  7. iDEAL is an Internet payment method in The Netherlands, based on online banking. Introduced in 2005, this payment method allows customers to buy securely on the Internet using direct online transfers from their bank account. ...
  8. Ideal is the eponymous debut album by R&B group Ideal released on August 24, 1999 by Virgin Records US.
  9. Ideal are an R&B quartet from Houston, Texas, United States. The group Ideal debuted in 1999 and is composed of brothers Maverick and Swab, their cousin PZ and high school friend J-Dante. They are most well known for their hit R&B songs, "Get Gone" and "Whatever".
  10. An ideal is a principle or value that one actively pursues as a goal. Ideals are particularly important in ethics, as the order in which one places them tends to determine the degree to which one reveals them as real and sincere. It is the application, in ethics, of a universal. ...
  11. Ideal was one of the more successful German Neue Deutsche Welle music groups. It is best known for the songs "Blaue Augen" (Blue Eyes), "Berlin", and "Monotonie" (Monotony).
  12. In mathematics, a Lie algebra (("lee"), not ("lye")) is an algebraic structure whose main use is in studying geometric objects such as Lie groups and differentiable manifolds. Lie algebras were introduced to study the concept of infinitesimal transformations. ...
  13. In mathematical order theory, an ideal is a special subset of a partially ordered set (poset). Although this term historically was derived from the notion of a ring ideal of abstract algebra, it has subsequently been generalized to a different notion. ...
  14. In ring theory, a branch of abstract algebra, an ideal is a special subset of a ring. The ideal concept allows the generalization in an appropriate way of some important properties of integers like "even number" or "multiple of 3".
  15. A perfect standard of beauty, intellect etc., or a standard of excellence to aim at; A subset of a partially ordered set comprising an element and all elements less than it; A subring closed under multiplication by its containing ring; Optimal; being the best possibility; Perfect, flawless, ...
  16. (ideally) preferably; in a perfect world; theoretically
  17. (Ideally) a distributed file system organizes file and directory services of individual servers into a global directory in such a way that remote data access is not location-specific but is identical from any client. ...
  18. For a young woman to dream of meeting her ideal, foretells a season of uninterrupted pleasure and contentment. For a bachelor to dream of meeting his ideal, denotes he will soon experience a favorable change in his affairs.
  19. what people think the situation should be.
  20. (from NDE) An important concept for Kierkegaard’s later thought. As he sought to apply his concepts to social and religious conditions, he made extensive use of the category of the ideal. Not defined, it was considered a self-evident idea, the ideal being contrasted with the actual.
  21. A username and password set for login to e-journals and databases. All University staff and students, no matter where they are studying, will automatically be e-mailed an IDEAL username and password set to their University e-mail box shortly after they have joined or enrolled in the University
  22. in the first Critique, the 'idea' of God, viewed as an externally existing object. As such, God's existence is wholly unknowable to humans, though we may know God's nature.
  23. a debit card primarily issued in the Netherlands.
  24. Ideal patterns began in 1938, for the main purpose of the export market, but this term was also used to symbolize cheaper ranges of china for the English market.  Recognized by the “IDEAL”  or “CS” backstamp or pattern numbers which begin with a “0”.
  25. A conception of something in its absolute perfection.