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In what way or manner; by what means,
  1. A greeting attributed to North American Indians (used in humorous imitation)

  1. In what way or manner; by what means
    • - how does it work?
    • - he did not know how he ought to behave
    • - he showed me how to adjust the focus
  2. Used to ask about the condition or quality of something
    • - how was your vacation?
    • - how did they play?
  3. Used to ask about someone's physical or mental state
    • - how are the children?
    • - I asked how he was doing
  4. Used to ask about the extent or degree of something
    • - how old are you?
    • - how long will it take?
    • - I wasn't sure how fast to go
  5. Used to express a strong feeling such as surprise about the extent of something
    • - how kind it was of him
    • - how I wish I had been there!
  6. The way in which; that
    • - she told us how she had lived out of a suitcase for a week
  7. In any way in which; however
    • - I'll do business how I like

  1. HOW... (ISSN 0886-0483), called HOW Design Ideas at Work on its cover, is a monthly magazine for graphic designers. Launched in 1985, HOW... is edited by Bryn Mooth, with senior editor Megan Lane. HOW... is published by F+W Media of Cincinnati, Ohio.
  2. In journalism, the Five Ws (also known as the Five Ws (and one H), or Six Ws) is a concept in news style, research, and in police investigations that are regarded as basics in information-gathering. It is a formula for getting the "full" story on something. ...
  3. Raoul Perre is a graffiti artist from New York commonly known as HOW. He is a member of the Bronx based Graffiti crew TATS CRU "The Mural Kings."
  4. The word "How" is used frequently as a greeting in representations of Native American speech. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word was originally used by missionary Jean de Brébeuf to indicate an interjection of approval used by the Wyandot (or Huron in French uses); the OED ...
  5. In linguistics, an interrogative word is a function word used for the item interrupted in an information statement. Interrogative words are sometimes called wh-words because most of English interrogative words start with wh-. In English, they are used in questions (Where is he going? ...
  6. How? is a song from John Lennon's second solo album Imagine, released in 1971. It is a contemplative song inspired by the Primal Therapy he was undergoing with his wife Yoko Ono, where he faced many personal questions such as "How can I go forward when I don't know which way I'm facing?". ...
  7. The means by which something is accomplished; In what state; To what degree; In what manner; Used as a modifier to indicate surprise, delight, or other strong feelings; In which way; in such way; That, the fact that, the way that
  8. can you easily get the definition for any word in a article?
  9. Case studies help you learn how to relate the content to patient scenarios
  10. To (or HOWTO or How-to) - An instructional guide on how to perform a task or tasks.
  11. All financial companies need to share customers’ personal information to run their everyday business. ...
  12. the narrative is told: arrangement, emphasis / de-emphasis, magnification / diminution, of any of the elements of the content
  13. China is maintaining and developing the SEZ, its land acquiring , developments in the infrastructures like roads, telecoms , housing of SEZ. ...
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  16. often did Sluggo swing? Was the fist that just went by Protagonist #2′s cheekbone the same one that Protagonist #3 just mentioned sending in his general direction, or did it belong to Protagonist #4? And pardon my asking, but did it just take 3/4 of a page of text to show three punches?
  17. the evaluation will be conducted (i.e. tools you will use)
  18. As with any pursuit in life, you get out of the Bible what you put into it. It goes without saying that if you read the Bible, you can only get so much. If you study it, however… prepare to have your life changed! ...
  19. As with the materials for single syllable words, My Breakfast Reading Program uses breakfast food analogies to emphasize the rules and attempts to keep the rules to a minimum.  Once a word is divided into smaller parts, the single syllable rules/analogies can be applied to each smaller part. ...
  20. There are three different ways to learn SAT/GRE vocabulary.
  21. To contribute a glossary entry, go to the Moodle site for the course, scroll down to ENG 211 in your list of courses (left column), and click on the link to "Individual Contributions to the Class Glossary. ...
  22. soon should companies draft up a social media policy, and what’s the easiest way for them to do it? What should these policies include?
  23. Goal Creation Step #5 of 7.  When you have arrived here, it is time to draw up a plan of action that will carry you to your ultimate target.
  24. sensitive is the concept of transference, and how specific is it? Are these medical diagnostic distinctions even clinically meaningful in psychodiagnosis? Consider the following dynamic formulation paraphrased from a paper on transference:
  25. Homeowner's Warranty - A type of insurance that covers repairs to specified parts of a house for a specific period of time. It is provided by the builder or property seller as a condition of the sale. ...