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housings, plural;
  1. A cloth covering put on a horse for protection or ornament

  1. structures collectively in which people are housed
  2. a protective cover designed to contain or support a mechanical component
  3. caparison: stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse
  4. The activity of enclosing something or providing a residence for someone; Residences, collectively; A mechanical component's container or covering
  5. (Housings) Are glass or ceramic insulators that act as lamp sockets.
  6. (Housed) (1) Descriptive of a piece or member fitted into another piece or member that has been modified, as by hollowing, gouging, or chiseling. (2) Enclosed.
  7. (Housed) a woodworking term that describes one stairway or balustrade component that is let into a second component.
  8. What the brake and derailleur cables pass through on their way to the brakes and derailleurs.
  9. Enclosure for recessed sockets and trim above the ceiling.
  10. Generally the housing of a filter unit
  11. The outer sleeve through which a brake or gear cable is pulled. The housing transmits an equal push to counter the pull on the inner cable. Traditional housing consists of a tight spiral of steel wire, usually coated with plastic. Newer versions have synthetic liners to reduce friction. ...
  12. Made from porcelain or Pyrex glass, a housing is mounted in the sign and provides the contact between the electrode and the lead-in wire.
  13. Places for people to live, usually either owned or rented. Rental can be arranged privately through a landlord, or through government if assistance is required.
  14. Living arrangements for students at colleges or private secondary schools.
  15. Defined by the Douglas Commission as "both a product and a process." The process is obvious. The product "includes all of the immediate physical environment, both within and outside of buildings in which families and households live, grow, and decline. It is largely man-made. ...
  16. the plastic covered tubing the cables run inside
  17. Small pressure proof insulated tubular insert in cable containing the splices and providing electrical path for powered systems. Provides mechanical strength to protect the splices. Repeaters are also sometimes referred to as housings.
  18. INAC funds the construction of houses on-reserve, the purchase of houses off-reserve, road construction, water, sewer and electrical services. However, the role of the CMHC in funding on-reserve housing is increasing. ...
  19. Residence Halls or other university-owned residences. The University Albany Village site is classified as a non-campus location because it is not considered contiguous to the main campus.
  20. A program that provides a home or lodging to an individual with intellectual disability.
  21. includes manufactured housing and manufactured housing lots, permanent housing for disabled homeless persons, transitional housing, single-room occupancy housing, and group homes. ...
  22. A long, narrow channel cut across the general direction of wood grain to form part of a joint.
  23. The part of the bowsprit or mast which is inboard or below decks.
  24. A functional enclosure designed to protect the coil and provide a magnetic flux path.
  25. A steel "tube" assembly that has the third member "receptacle" in the center and the axle bearing housings on the ends. This unit spans side to side in the vehicle and requires brackets to be welded to it to attach it to the vehicle.