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hotlines, plural;
  1. A direct telephone line set up for a specific purpose, esp. for use in emergencies or for communication between heads of government

  2. A telephone line to a source of information or emergency help
    • - a domestic violence hotline
    • - a technical support hotline

  1. In telecommunication, a hotline (also called an automatic signaling service, ringdown, or off-hook service) is a point-to-point communications link in which a call is automatically directed to the preselected destination without any additional action by the user when the end instrument goes off- ...
  2. Hotline is a 1982 made-for-tv thriller film directed by Jerry Jameson. The working title of the film was Reach Out.
  3. Hotline was a fourth music album of first pop singer of sub-continent Nazia Hassan & Zohaib Hassan released in 1987. It was the most selling album of duo after Disco deewane.
  4. Hotline is the third album by Christian rock band White Heart and the first to feature Gordon Kennedy on guitars and the last with Home Sweet Home Records.
  5. The Hotline is a daily political briefing published by the Atlantic Media Company from its headquarters at The Watergate complex in Washington, DC. It is edited by Amy Walter with John Mercurio. ...
  6. Hotlines is an American reality television series about adventures in exotic, fun hotspots. The series was hosted by Deirdre Delaney, Scott Gurney, Ivana Bozilovic and Stacy Kamano, the first two of whom were also its producers. ...
  7. (The Hotlines) The Hotlines are a British pop punk band who formed in the United Kingdom in 2007. They released a split 7" record with American pop punk band The Queers in 2008, followed by a self-titled debut album in 2009. Both releases were on Devil's Jukebox records. ...
  8. The telephone line that is always staffed and able to give immediate assistance; its telephone number; A direct line between two people, especially one between heads of state to be used in an emergency; To communicate telephonically over a hotline
  9. The technical customer support centre.
  10. is NYSTRS' toll-free phone line, available 24 hours a day, which enables callers to order NYSTRS forms and publications, and hear recorded messages about NYSTRS benefits. The Hotline number is (800) 782-0289.
  11. The most recent names added to a mailing list, usually defined in 30 day increments
  12. A direct line of communication between the White House and the Kremlin, established in 1963. Often called the "red telephone."
  13. The AGS file tranfer server managed by Chrille. The Hotline server used to be a place you could upload/download games and chat to other AGS users in the community.
  14. providers and the public are encouraged to ask questions about fraud and abuse of DHHS programs and grants or to report suspected fraudulent or abusive activities; contact the local Medicare contractor or call the national DHHS/OIG hotline directly at: 1-800-HHS-TIPS
  15. A system feature that allows a user or line to dial a preprogrammed number automatically after off-hook or seizure.
  16. Telephone service staffed by knowledgeable individuals to deliver specialized referral information.
  17. The most recent names available on a specific list. The term "hotline" should be further modified by "weekly" or "monthly."
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  19. Records recently added to a list.