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hoaxes, plural;
  1. Deceive with a hoax

  1. A humorous or malicious deception
    • - they recognized the plan as a hoax
    • - he was accused of making hoax calls

  1. fraud: something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage
  2. subject to a playful hoax or joke
  3. A hoax is a deliberate attempt to deceive or trick people into believing or accepting something which the hoaxer (the person or group creating the hoax) knows is false.
  4. The Hoax is a 2007 American drama film directed by Lasse Hallström. The screenplay by William Wheeler is based on the book of the same title by Clifford Irving and focuses on the autobiography Irving supposedly helped Howard Hughes write. ...
  5. (Hoaxes) A percentage of recordings may be hoaxes created by frauds or pranksters.^[36]
  6. Describes an intentionally distributed false warning that is treated as true and passed on by many users. A well-known hoax told users to delete supposedly Malware files such as SULFNBK.EXE and JDBGMGR.EXE, despite the fact that these are important system files.
  7. Hoax shows fake security warnings that are quite annoying. The aim of this spyware is to trick a computer user to download third-party cleaning utilities, usually anti-spyware scanners.
  8. Usually an email that gets mailed in chain letter fashion describing some devastating, highly unlikely type of virus. Hoaxes are detectable as having no file attachment, no reference to a third party who can validate the claim, and by the general tone of the message.
  9. An act meant to trick or deceive a user into taking an action, usually detrimental to the user or the IT system, that the user otherwise would not take [NASA] (see also social engineering, system, users, threat)
  10. Deliberate trickery or deceit used to gain an advantage.
  11. False, out of date or uncheckable information that was propagated spontaneously by users
  12. Hoaxes usually arrive in the form of an e-mail designed to tick people into thinking there is some sort of security risk.
  13. A successful hoax is a falsehood that the unsuspecting are tricked into believing so that they act upon it in some way. Virus alerts are one of the most common email hoaxes. ...
  14. Hoaxes usually arrive in the form of an email. Please disregard the hoax emails - they contain bogus warnings usually intent only on frightening or misleading users. The best course of action is to merely delete these hoax emails.
  15. A staged or planned event designed to give the illusion of paranormal activity.
  16. Explicitly meaning, in a technical sense of network security research, a form of chain letter, carrying a false warning of a internet security threat that doesn't exist. ...
  17. A fake alert sent by email usually warning about a fictitious virus or some other bogus threat for the purposes of generating a panic. ...
  18. a way to trick or scare a computer user into applying a particular action.
  19. Not a pest, not a virus, not a worm, not a trojan. A hoax is a worrisome warning, usually transmitted by e-mail. Examples of hoaxes: 'If you receive an e-mail that has a subject line of X, then ... This is a very bad thing, and blah blah blah... ...
  20. Index finger and thumb of DH grasp nose and pull it so that head nods downwards.
  21. A pre-staged or preplanned series of events to give the impression that something paranormal has been occurring in any given place. Usually made by people who wish to draw attention to themselves or to debunk or test ghosts hunters and parapsychologists.
  22. An e-mail making false statements or outrageous offers.
  23. An e-mail that tries to scare people and is not true
  24. The Balloon-Hoax (1844)
  25. An email that warns users about imaginary malware (that is, that does not exist in reality). Hoaxes tend to follow a fairly standard pattern - they are generally written in highly technical and emotive language and often describe highly destructive, irreversible payloads (that may be physically ...