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highest, superlative; higher, comparative;
  1. Of great vertical extent
    • - the top of a high mountain
    • - the mast was higher than the tallest building in the city
  2. (after a measurement and in questions) Measuring a specified distance from top to bottom
    • - a tree forty feet high
    • - how high is the fence?
  3. Far above ground, sea level, or another point of reference
    • - a fortress high up on a hill
  4. Extending above the normal or average level
    • - a round face with a high forehead
  5. (of territory or landscape) Inland and well above sea level
    • - high prairies
  6. Near to the top of a real or notional list in order of rank or importance
    • - financial security is high on your list of priorities
  7. Performed at, to, or from a considerable height
    • - high diving
  8. (of a pitched ball) Above a certain level, such as the batter's armpits, as it crosses home plate, and thus outside the strike zone

  9. Great, or greater than normal, in quantity, size, or intensity
    • - a high temperature
    • - fudge is high in calories
  10. Of large numerical or monetary value
    • - they had been playing for high stakes
  11. Very favorable
    • - nature had provided him with an admirably high opinion of himself
  12. Extreme in religious or political views
    • - the high Christology of the Christian creeds
  13. (of a period or movement) At its peak
    • - high summer
  14. (of latitude) Close to 90°; near the North or South Pole
    • - high southern latitudes
  15. Great in rank or status
    • - he held high office in professional organizations
  16. Ranking above others of the same kind
    • - they announced the High Commissioner's retirement
  17. Morally or culturally superior
    • - they believed that nature was driven by something higher than mere selfishness
  18. (of a sound or note) Having a frequency at the upper end of the auditory range
    • - a high, squeaky voice
  19. (of a singer or instrument) Producing notes of relatively high pitch
    • - a high soprano voice
  20. Excited; euphoric
    • - he was high on an idea
  21. Intoxicated with drugs
    • - some of them were already high on alcohol and Ecstasy
  22. Unpleasantly strong-smelling, in particular (of food) beginning to go bad

  23. (of game) Slightly decomposed and so ready to cook

  24. (of a vowel) Produced with the tongue relatively near the palate

  1. A high point, level, or figure
    • - commodity prices were at a rare high
  2. A notably happy or successful moment
    • - the highs and lows of life
  3. A high-frequency sound or musical note

  4. An area of high atmospheric pressure; an anticyclone

  5. A state of high spirits or euphoria
    • - the highs I got from cocaine always ended in despair
    • - the team is still on a high from Saturday's victory
  6. High school (chiefly used in names)
    • - I enjoyed my years at McKinley High
  7. A high power setting
    • - the vent blower was on high
  8. Top gear in a motor vehicle

  1. At or to a considerable or specified height
    • - the sculpture stood about five feet high
  2. Highly
    • - he ranked high among the pioneers of twentieth-century chemical technology
  3. At a high price
    • - buying shares low and selling them high
  4. (of a sound) At or to a high pitch

  1. greater than normal in degree or intensity or amount; "a high temperature"; "a high price"; "the high point of his career"; "high risks"; "has high hopes"; "the river is high"; "he has a high opinion of himself"
  2. a lofty level or position or degree; "summer temperatures reached an all-time high"
  3. at a great altitude; "he climbed high on the ladder"
  4. an air mass of higher than normal pressure; "the east coast benefits from a Bermuda high"
  5. in or to a high position, amount, or degree; "prices have gone up far too high"
  6. a state of sustained elation; "I'm on a permanent high these days"
  7. High is a film released in 1967, directed by Larry Kent and starring Lanny Beckman, Astri Thorvik, Peter Mathews, Joyce Cay, and Denis Payne. It was filmed in Montréal, Québec, Canada.
  8. A high-pressure area is a region where the atmospheric pressure at the surface of the planet is greater than its surrounding environment. Winds within high-pressure areas flow outward due to the higher density air near their center and friction with land. ...
  9. The High (John Cumberland) is a fictional character, a superhero in the . He first appears in Stormwatch #46 and was created by Warren Ellis and Tom Raney.
  10. In computability theory, a Turing degree [X] is high if it is computable in 0′, and the Turing jump [X&prime] is 0′′, which is the greatest possible degree in terms of Turing reducibility for the jump of a set which is computable in 0′.
  11. "High" is a 1988 song recorded by French artist David Hallyday. It was the second of the four singles from his debut studio album True Cool. Released in November 1988, the song was a hit in France, becoming David Hallyday's first number-one single.
  12. "High" is a song by Feeder, released as the band's fourth and final single from the album Polythene. This track wasn't included on the album until its re-issue in October of the same year, and is seen as a fan anthem.
  13. A period of euphoria, from excitement or from an intake of drugs; A large area of elevated atmospheric pressure; an anticyclone; The maximum atmospheric temperature recorded at a particular location, especially during one 24-hour period; Being elevated in position or status, a state of being ...
  14. (Highly) (or High)-enriched uranium (HEU):  uranium enriched to at least 20% U-235. (That in weapons is about 90% U-235.)  [2]
  15. (Highs) Stocks that have hit an all-time high for the current 52-week time period.
  16. (Highs) Provides insight into many different types of equipment.  Successfully explains the "where", "what", and "why's" very well.  Graphics help the reader understand the physical geometry of the equipment.  Layout makes good sense for this type of book.
  17. (Highs) The audio frequencies above about 6000 Hz.
  18. The highest price of the day for a particular futures contract.
  19. The high hand is simply the best hand.
  20. A location of higher barometric pressure than the surrounding area of a weather system.
  21. A region of air with higher barometric pressure and clockwise winds; usually associated with fair weather.
  22. The highest price that a security traded at during a certain time period.
  23. over 50 kilotons to 500 kilotons.
  24. One serving of the food contains 20% or more of the Daily Value for a particular nutrient.
  25. The highest execution price of a trade that day, or on the last trading day.