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Hebrews, plural;
  1. Of the Hebrews or the Jews

  2. Of or in Hebrew

  1. A member of an ancient people living in what is now Israel and Palestine and, according to biblical tradition, descended from the patriarch Jacob, grandson of Abraham. After the Exodus (c.1300 bc) they established the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, and their scriptures and traditions form the basis of the Jewish religion

  2. The Semitic language of this people, in its ancient or modern form

  1. Hebraic: of or relating to or characteristic of the Hebrews; "the old Hebrew prophets"
  2. the ancient Canaanitic language of the Hebrews that has been revived as the official language of Israel
  3. Jew: a person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties
  4. (hebrews) the ethnic group claiming descent from Abraham and Isaac (especially from Isaac's son Jacob); the nation whom God chose to receive his revelation and with whom God chose to make a covenant (Exodus 19)
  5. (hebrews) Epistle to the Hebrews: a New Testament book traditionally included among the epistle of Saint Paul but now generally considered not to have been written by him
  6. Shmaltz Brewing Company is an American brewing company based in San Francisco, California that owns HE'BREW Beer and Coney Island Lagers. Founded as “a celebration craft beer for Jews” by proprietor Jeremy Cowan, the company’s beers now are distributed in over thirty-one U.S. ...
  7. Hebrew (עִבְרִית, Ivrit) is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asiatic language family. Culturally, it is considered the Jewish language. ...
  8. Hebrews (or Hebertes, Eberites, Hebreians; Hebrew: עברים or עבריים, Standard ', ' Tiberian ', ', "traverse or pass over") is a term used in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) and is regarded by many scholars as being synonymous with the Israelites.
  9. A member or descendant of a Semitic people claiming descent from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; A descendant of the biblical Patriarch Eber; Of or pertaining to the Hebrew people or language; The Semitic language spoken by the Hebrew people; The writing system used in Hebrew language
  10. (Hebrews) (Act 6:1) were the Hebrew-speaking Jews, as distinguished from those who spoke Greek. (See GREEKS.)
  11. (Hebrews) a warlike nomadic people who settled in Canaan and eventually established the Kingdoms of Israel and Judea there. Most parallel stories derive from the Hebrew Bible, some portions of which were translated into Hočąk in 1903. ...
  12. 500 (before Sem's birth) + 100 (from Sem to the Flood)
  13. The language of the Torah, in which all prayer should be recited. See Hebrew Alphabet; Hebrew Language: Root Words.
  14. this is how a Hebrew member of EP would potentially look like. No, I have no intention of making such a wiki, it would be pointless on every level. I was just toying with the thought.
  15. The original language of most of the OT; also an ethnic term for the people of Israel (Gen 14:13; Phlm 3:4b-5. ...
  16. one of the closely related group of languages, known as Semitic, which includes among others Arabic, Aramaic, and Syriac. ...
  17. (1) JEWISH. (2) JEWISH LANGUAGE. For a QuickTime movie of JEWISH, see ASL browser - Jew.
  18. A name given to the people of Israel and their language
  19. heebroo. The ancient language of Israel, written beginning on the right side of the page and moving left.  Most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew.