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heavier, comparative; heaviest, superlative;
  1. Of great weight; difficult to lift or move
    • - the pan was too heavy for me to carry
  2. Used in questions about weight
    • - how heavy is it?
  3. (of a class of thing) Above the average weight; large of its kind
    • - heavy artillery
  4. Weighed down; full of something
    • - branches heavy with blossoms
  5. (of a person's head or eyes) Feeling weighed down by weariness
    • - a heavy head
  6. Of or containing atoms of an isotope of greater than the usual mass

  7. Of great density; thick or substantial
    • - heavy gray clouds
    • - a heavy blanket
  8. (of food or a meal) Hard to digest; too filling

  9. (of ground or soil) Hard to travel over or work with because muddy or full of clay

  10. Not delicate or graceful; coarse
    • - he had a big mustache and heavy features
  11. Moving slowly or with difficulty
    • - steering that is heavy when parking
  12. (of a large aircraft) Leaving a large amount of turbulence behind in its flight

  13. (of a smell) Overpowering
    • - the air was heavy with the sweet odor of apples
  14. (of the sky) Full of dark clouds; oppressive
    • - a heavy thundery sky
  15. Of more than the usual size, amount, or force
    • - rush hour traffic was heavy and I was delayed
  16. Doing something to excess
    • - a heavy smoker
  17. Using a lot of
    • - stories heavy on melodrama
  18. Striking or falling with force
    • - a heavy blow to the head
    • - we had heavy overnight rain
  19. Causing a strong impact
    • - a heavy fall
  20. (of music, esp. rock) Having a strong bass component and a forceful rhythm

  21. Needing much physical effort
    • - long hours and heavy work
  22. Mentally oppressive; hard to endure
    • - a heavy burden of responsibility
  23. Important or serious
    • - a heavy discussion
  24. (of a literary work) Hard to read or understand because overly serious or difficult

  25. Feeling or expressing grief
    • - I left him with a heavy heart
  26. (of a situation) Serious and hard to deal with
    • - things were getting pretty heavy
  27. (of a person) Strict or harsh
    • - the police were really getting heavy
  1. A thing, such as a vehicle, that is large or heavy of its kind

  2. A large, strong man, esp. one hired for protection
    • - I needed money to pay off the heavies
  3. An important person
    • - music business heavies
  4. Serious newspapers
    • - reporters from the Sunday heavies
  5. A villainous role or actor in a book, movie, etc
    • - we've got to have this guy play the heavy
  6. Strong beer, esp. bitter
    • - a pint of heavy
  1. Heavily
    • - his words hung heavy in the air
    • - heavy-laden

  1. slowly as if burdened by much weight; "time hung heavy on their hands"
  2. of comparatively great physical weight or density; "a heavy load"; "lead is a heavy metal"; "heavy mahogany furniture"
  3. an actor who plays villainous roles
  4. a serious (or tragic) role in a play
  5. of the military or industry; using (or being) the heaviest and most powerful armaments or weapons or equipment; "heavy artillery"; "heavy infantry"; "a heavy cruiser"; "heavy guns"; "heavy industry involves large-scale production of basic products (such as steel) used by other industries"
  6. fleshy: usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it
  7. Heavy is the debut studio album by the rock band Iron Butterfly, released in early 1968. Most of the songs are fairly simple and based largely on the opening riffs, interspersed with some pop songs and blues covers.
  8. When talking to air traffic controllers, pilots will add the term Heavy to the end of the flight call sign on flights involving very large aircraft. For example you might hear this : "United 341, heavy, ready for departure".
  9. Beer has been produced in Scotland for approximately 5,000 years. The Celtic tradition of using bittering herbs remained in Scotland longer than the rest of Europe. ...
  10. "Heavy" is a song by American Post-Grunge band Collective Soul. it is the second single from their forth album Dosage, it is the last of seven number ones on Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks, as well as their most successful number one staying atop the chart for fifteen weeks. ...
  11. Heavy is a 1995 independent America drama film written and directed by James Mangold, and starring Liv Tyler, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Shelley Winters, and Deborah Harry. ...
  12. The State vs. Radric Davis is the second studio album by rapper Gucci Mane. It was released on December 8, 2009. The State vs. Radric Davis comes after a slew of independent releases, mixtapes and features over the past few years. ...
  13. A villain or bad guy; the one responsible for evil or aggressive acts; A doorman, bouncer or bodyguard; A large multi-engined aircraft; To use power and/or wealth to exert influence on, e.g. ...
  14. (Heavier) A bone with more spots on it is said to be heavier than another bone with fewer spots.
  15. (Heavies) Heavy bombers; American B-17’s and B-24’s, British Lancasters and Halifaxes
  16. (Heavies) Heavy logs and other large objects that burn with intense heat, for long periods.
  17. (Heavies) Shakes, usually cedar, that are 3/4'” to 5/4” thick at the butt end.
  18. A market in which prices are demonstrating either an inability to advance or a slight tendency to decline.
  19. A moderately high level of solid material suspended in the coffee beverage. Result of fine particles of bean fiber and insoluble proteins present in pronounced amounts.
  20. An equities market now dominated by sellers, or oversupply, resulting in falling prices. See: Overbought, resistance level, tired.
  21. or Heavies: Cockney rhyming slang for the Flying Squad, from the Heavy Mob, (see also Sweeney).
  22. Heavy refers to a fragrance that’s potent and not vibrant, and is often described as sweet or balsamic.
  23. a thick, colory infusion with little briskness or astringency
  24. refers to a background aroma.
  25. Condition of track similar to, but even slower than, muddy.