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headlines, plural;
  1. Provide with a headline
    • - a feature that was headlined “Invest in Your Future.”
  2. Appear as the star performer at (a concert)
    • - an acoustic jam headlined by rappers L.L. Cool J and De La Soul
  1. A heading at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine
    • - a front-page headline
  2. The most important items of news in a newspaper or in a broadcast news bulletin
    • - issues that are never long out of the headlines

  1. the heading or caption of a newspaper article
  2. publicize widely or highly, as if with a headline
  3. provide (a newspaper page or a story) with a headline
  4. Headline is a 1944 British thriller film directed by John Harlow and starring David Farrar, Anne Crawford, William Hartnell and John Stuart. It was based on the novel The Reporter by Ken Attiwall. A crime reporter searches for a mystery woman who has witnessed a murder.
  5. (Headlines (album 2)) Headlines is an EP by Neon Blonde, released July 12, 2005.
  6. (Headlines (album)) Headlines was Flash and the Pan's 1982 album and contained the UK hit single "Waiting For A Train" which reached No. 7 in the charts in May 1983.
  7. (Headlines (comedy)) "Headlines" is a segment that airs weekly on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The segment usually airs on Monday, though at times it airs on Tuesday. It was first seen in 1987, when Jay Leno was still a guest host on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. ...
  8. (Headlines (Friendship never ends)) "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)" is a song performed by British group the Spice Girls. It was released as the only single from the group's compilation album, Greatest Hits on November 12, 2007.. BBC. October 5, 2007. Retrieved October 5, 2007. ...
  9. (Headlines (song)) "Headlines" is a song by Swedish pop group Alcazar. The song was an entry in Melodifestivalen 2010 for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, where it reached the "Second Chance" whis was held on March 06, 2010 at Conventum Arena in Örebro. ...
  10. A heading or title of an article; The top-billed attraction; To have top billing; to be the main attraction
  11. (Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)) was someone promoted during the run of the show. Due to the fact that during Week 5, for Mel & Maks' practicing clips during the week, she goes to England for a video shoot. We end up seeing the Spice Girls in their outfits for the music video. ...
  12. (Headlines) (Thanks to Rebecca Hudson at Bell Teacher Campus 2010)
  13. (Headlines) Possibly the easiest way to add punch to a document is with headerlines. Headers are bold in appearance, and HTML provides for six different sizes. An H1 Header is the largest, H6 the smallest. ...
  14. (Headlines) The topics of each news story are summarized into a few words - called Headlines. Sometimes a Presenter may read out the Headlines before or after the News.
  15. (Headlines) are a common typographic element with many variations that includes the masthead or nameplate, as of a magazine or newspaper, and of course the standard headline or header, used to draw attention to a text that follows. Subheads commonly follow with secondary information. ...
  16. The thing to recognize about headlines is that they are created by a headline writer and often not by the author. Also, headlines will change from regional edition and from editions published at various times throughout the day. ...
  17. The gateway into your ad.  This is what many advertising gurus throught history believe is the most response-impacting aspect of what you do. There have been times, in major advertising campaigns, they’ve seen a lift in response by up to 15-20 times just from a change to the headline. ...
  18. The most significant text in the visual hierarchy of a communication.
  19. Line of text (usually a running title) above the music text in certain editions, centred at the top of the page.
  20. (describe the content of the story, keep short)
  21. Large, bold letters at the top of an ad or circular.
  22. the line which commonly appears at the top of each printed page, typically showing the book title on the left-hand side and chapter title on the right; sometimes also incorporates the folio. Sometimes also known as a running head.
  23. is your news subject mentioned in the headline or sub-head?
  24. An explanatory title over a newspaper article summarizing the main point for the reader.
  25. An enlarged phrase that gives the reader a preview of the content to follow. Headlines are very important elements because they motivate the reader to continue reading the associated material.