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haunted, past tense; haunts, 3rd person singular present; haunting, present participle; haunted, past participle;
  1. (of a ghost) Manifest itself at (a place) regularly
    • - a gray lady who haunts the chapel
  2. (of a person) Frequent (a place)
    • - he haunts used book stores
  3. Be persistently and disturbingly present in (something)
    • - cities haunted by the shadow of cholera
  4. Be persistently in the mind of (someone)
    • - the sight haunted me for years
  1. A place frequented by a specified person or group of people
    • - I revisited my old haunts
    • - Greenwich Village has been home to a number of literary haunts

  1. a frequently visited place
  2. follow stealthily or recur constantly and spontaneously to; "her ex-boyfriend stalked her"; "the ghost of her mother haunted her"
  3. haunt like a ghost; pursue; "Fear of illness haunts her"
  4. frequent: be a regular or frequent visitor to a certain place; "She haunts the ballet"
  5. (haunted) having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something; "became more and more haunted by the stupid riddle"; "was absolutely obsessed with the girl"; "got no help from his wife who was preoccupied with the children"; "he was taken up in worry for the old woman"
  6. (haunted) showing emotional affliction or disquiet; "her expression became progressively more haunted"
  7. This is a list of locations reportedly haunted by ghosts or other supernatural beings. Reports of haunted locations are part of ghostlore, which is a form of folklore.
  8. HAUNT was a straightforward but engagingly irreverent text-based mainframe computer game. It was created in OPS4 language in 1979 by John E. Laird.
  9. Haunt is a fictional comic book character who appears in a self-titled ongoing series created by Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman, launched by Image Comics on October 7, 2009.
  10. (Haunted (1995 film)) Haunted is a 1995 British film, by veteran director Lewis Gilbert and starring Aidan Quinn, Kate Beckinsale, Anthony Andrews and John Gielgud. It is based on a novel of the same name by James Herbert. The film was produced by Andrews and Gilbert.
  11. (Haunted (2007 film)) Haunted (Turkish: Musallat) is a 2007 Turkish horror film directed by Alper Mestçi.
  12. (Haunted (Angel novel)) Haunted is an original novel based on the U.S. television series Angel.
  13. (Haunted (Buffy comic)) Haunted is a trade paperback collecting comic stories based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series. The story features the first appearance of Faith in Buffy comics (she later appears in Note from the Underground and No Future for You.)
  14. (Haunted (Dollhouse)) Dollhouse is an American television drama which premiered on Fox on February 13, 2009 in the United States. It ran for two seasons before its cancellation, ending its run January 29, 2010. ...
  15. (Haunted (EP)) Haunted is an EP by Lalaine, released by LVP Entertainment in 2004.
  16. A place at which one is regularly found; a hangout; A ghost; A feeding place for animals.^[2]; To inhabit, or visit frequently (most often used in reference to ghosts); To make uneasy; To stalk, to follow; To live habitually; to stay, to remain
  17. (haunted) Of a location, frequented by a ghost or ghosts; Obsessed (by an idea, threat, etc); Showing a feeling of being disturbed
  18. (haunting) A particular instance of haunting; a ghostly habitation
  19. (Haunted) A person, place or an object to which a spirit is attached. The spirits can be human or inhuman in nature. ...
  20. (Haunted) An object, person or place that is visited by ghosts and spirits
  21. (Haunted) Derogatory term used by "true borgs" when referring to a full borg with a demonstrated conscience/high Empathy.
  22. (Haunted) Describes a setting where ghosts, poltergeists, and/or residual energy seem to produce significant paranormal activity. The word “haunt” originally meant to frequent.
  23. (Haunted) In the context of Parapsychology, a building, house, or area is considered ‘haunted’ when paranormal activity can be documented repeatedly over a period of time. ...
  24. (Haunted) a novel by American Author Chuck Palahniuk contains several incidences of cannibalism.
  25. (Haunted) by Ellen Steiber (Shadows)